June 14 2024


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Wheaton Buys Wesley Crusher Hoodie

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Earlier this month, TrekToday reported that ThinkGeek was offering a Wesley Crusher-inspired hoodie for sale.

In a recent blog by Wil Wheaton, the actor posted a picture featuring the hoodie.


“I feel strange, but also good!” was the title of Wheaton’s blog entry from yesterday.

“I obviously had to order one of these the day they went on sale, because of ‘reasons’.”

Wheaton’s “reasons” was a hyperlink that led to a column talking about his bouffant hairstyle back on The Next Generation, which he hated and called “Wesley’s Helmet Hair.”

He would have probably loved a hoodie back in those days, to cover that hated bouffant.

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6 thoughts on “Wheaton Buys Wesley Crusher Hoodie

  1. I can just see the person filling the order; “It’s for Wil Wheaton? Yeah, sure it is. That’s the ticket.” I hope he has a real one, too.

  2. This is the best publicity they could hope for. I hope they sent him back his money, and then sent him a few more.

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