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Orci Addresses Star Trek 3 Rumors

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Roberto Orci spoke up about his departure from the director’s chair on Star Trek 3 and his involvement in the movie.

Although he is no longer directing the film, Orci told fans over at TrekMovie that he will “be very involved.”

Orci is “still excited to make Trek 3,” he said, and promised that the movie will still be “on time,” in spite of the change of directors. “We’ll find the right director.”

As for the rumors about Paramount not liking a time-travel story put forth, Orci said that this was not the case. “No time travel was ever considered, fyi,” he said.

One poster told Orci that “if the script gets trashed, Bob should post a synopsis.”

“I can’t at the moment,” said Orci, “but someday.”

Another poster quoted Kirk’s advice to Picard, saying, “Don’t let them do ANYTHING to take you out of that chairs. Because while you’re there, you can make a difference.” Orci replied that he had “not forgotten. On the contrary, factored into decision. [There] are bigger chairs to consider.”

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21 thoughts on “Orci Addresses Star Trek 3 Rumors

  1. It looks like the villain in the next film will be Orci himself. He even comes with his own cadre of sycophantic followers as evidenced by the last part of this article.

  2. Some fans don’t want Orci. Some fans want a new director who knows and loves Star Trek from TOS to now. They don’t want Abrams for that reason. Orci knows Star Trek. I wonder if these are sometimes the same fans making both demands. Who would they pick? I haven’t seen any suggestions.

  3. The best director who meets your criteria would be Karl Urban I mean he bought the ring has a small homage to Deforest’s ring that very few people noticed

  4. Yeah, didn’t he also say Khan wasn’t going to be in Into Darkness? He got canned because he wrote a sucky script. What is he going to say, the rumors were true? Nice way to kill a career. Don’t believe him, don’t trust him – how is that for a Trek quote he should remember!

  5. But considering Orci wrote the last 2 films, I don’t think fans are making both demands – they just want someone who respects Trek. For all his talk, Orci sure made some strange decisions as a fan writing a movie. As for replacements, there have been plenty of names mentioned aready with Frakes being at the top.

  6. I don’t care if the director is a Trek fan or not. (Nick Meyer is the well known example of a guy who did great work in Trek, coming from a position of “that’s the guy with the pointy ears, right?”) There are consultants who can keep the show “on message”. What I want is a director and writer who aren’t mediocre. They also need a better composer.

  7. Simon Pegg is the only person involved with the production to outright deny (lie) that it was not Khan. Everyone else just dissembled with vague responses.

  8. You’re right about Frakes. But the majority of opinions expressed here don’t want him either. They point to Thunderbirds and Insurrection despite First Contact. I’ll up the ante by adding to the “criteria” the need for clear consensus. I’m being cynical with that. I don’t think Trek fandom could ever agree on a director or even, once made, whether a film is good or not. Most loved Abrams before and after his first Trek movie. Not so now. He’s no longer good enough for a third try in terms of a clear consensus. Fandom is fickle.

  9. The ‘fans’ at TrekMovie have the curious capacity to produce moronic saccharine laced nonsense, like the babyish quoting of the Captain’s chair line above, while at the same time being as sycophantic as humanly possible. There are no words.

  10. And here I was hoping that Orci was going to be quietly shuffled out by Paramount. Maybe that will still happen. Having said that, if the new film is halfway good it will simply prolong the Abrams Abomination: I would on second thought prefer it to be so colossally, Transformers style dumb that even the know nothing mainstream critics will disapprove, and the whole sorry contraption be wound down. Knowing Abrams and Orci, that is actually quite a likely scenario!!!

  11. If so, when the whole fiasco crashes and burns I expect it will play out something like this:

    [Exterior, Space]
    Through a myriad of len flares we make out the battered hulk of a starship. Barely legible are the vessel’s name and registry: USS Bobo, NCIA-0911.

    We quickly zoom in through the window/main viewscreen of the ship’s bridge.

    [Interior, Bridge]
    Amidst the devastation, we can just make out two figures bathed in a seemingly unending cascade of light emanating from just off-screen.
    One figure, who appears to be very involved and excited, is standing over another who seems to be typing a message into a small hand-held device. The final part of the text reads “…you can make a difference.” With his last bit of strength, the man defiantly completes his message which proclaims “Yours is superior!”

    We pan upwards and focus in on the expressionless face of the man standing above. After a brief pause, a manic look sweeps across his face. His mouth opens as if to respond but for the moment no sound is heard.

    [To be continued…]

  12. Man, there’s an easy script for “NuTrek”. Just have Kirk fighting Locutus and the borgs, because the changes in the timeline meant the Federation lost to the Borg in the TNG-era. He comes back through time via some sort of accidental thing initiated in the NuTrek’s present that captures him from the future. Locutus then realizes that he can Borgify this universe without the resistance that comes from the survivors of the altered timeline’s suvivors of the Borg purge. And maybe you can have them come back in time too with Locutus, a mix of TNG, DS9, and VOY characters (with slightly altered histories, I guess). And they can team up with NuKirk and beat the Borgs, who are basically technological zombies (but not dumb like the undead). That’s just me though.

  13. Wasn’t Orci the one of the three – Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, – who was the Star Trek fan? If not, then I’m wrong. But if Orci was raised on Trek and was a fan, what guarantee is there that the next Star Trek fan they hire will do any better? None, really. And in any case, at least one of those three was a fan, even if Abrams was not. And it still went wrong. Just in case this article hasn’t been discussed on the forums, it’s a good one:


  14. Even if Orci isn’t directing any other director will have to continue this mediocre and horrible Trek that Abrams has put us on. The character destruction of Spock and Kirk alone should put Orci out from ever being involved in Trek again.

  15. Wasn’t the whole script rewritten in the few months before STID started filming? I would think the trouble lay with those who were not asked to come back. Something phenomenal is going to have to happen to make me see it. And it’s not Babette in her underwear, or kitty cat sex, and it sure as hell isn’t Sherlock.

  16. To be fair, it was Lindelhof who pushed for Babette in her underwear, kitty cat sex, and Sherlock. And Abrams made the mistake of listening to him.

  17. Great post. I’ve never understood why people say the director needs to be some uber ST fan. I want a good director. Who cares if they know little about ST. The writers write the story and there’s an entire team to fulfill the intended vision. We’ve had directors who knew a lot about ST but landed up with a shitty film (e.g. Star Trek 5). Get good writers!

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