May 23 2024


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Pegg Twitter Quitter

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Star Trek into DarknessSimon Pegg has had enough of Twitter.

The actor explained on his website why he’s taking a break from the popular social media site.

“Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,” said Pegg. “Truth is, I’ve decided to give Twitter a break for the time being. If you’re reading this, you may be looking for an explanation as to why, so here it is.

“I haven’t been enjoying it for a while now. There hasn’t been a specific incident and the reasons are various. Ultimately, I think we’ve just grown apart. What I’m saying is, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Eventually, Pegg’s Twitter account will “reactivate” and will be run by a team headed up by Harmony Carrigan (@MyDogAteLA). “It will however, no longer by my own voice,” said Pegg, who is going to “concentrate on the real world and keep working hard.”

Pegg implored his fans to “remember to use your powers for good.”

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6 thoughts on “Pegg Twitter Quitter

  1. Yeah, Simon and hurrah! It’s time to put Twitter away. It speaks volumes about the people addicted to a product that begins with the word “Twit”.

  2. Shut it down for all I care. Include Facebook while you’re at it. When TV newscasts consist of little more than people “reporting” what they’ve been reading online, it’s time to take it away.

  3. I’ve found that a lot of celebrities seem to overuse Twitter and get “burnt out” after a while. There are people I would like to follow but when they post 200 tweets a day and flood my feed, I can’t stand to.

  4. Haha that’s exactly what it is. I’ll admit I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t have my phone with me on the throne.

  5. Bit of a naive opinion given what u just posted and your rationale for doing so is essentially Twitter? Also your phonic argument is pretty weak, after all if partial phonic similarity was really a predictor of personality then its a little worrying for anyone who lives in a country dont you think? Twitter is ok if people like it good for them, if people don’t also good for them.

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