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Shatner Angry At Twitter

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William Shatner is angry at Twitter for something they’ve done and he is not shy about calling them out over the behavior.

The actor spoke at length about the matter on his Shatner Speaks Tumblr page.

“Each year for the past couple years on December 31st I post a tongue-in-cheek ode to those that I follow on Twitter,” said Shatner. “I try to reflect on my interactions with each of my followers and keep it fun all while keeping it in iambic pentameter.

“So imagine my surprise last night as I go into Twitter to get a list of those that I follow to start my yearly project only to discover that an account I didn’t follow, MasterCard was prominently displayed as one of my followers! Twitter‘s latest marketing scheme is to add followers to the list of those trusted friends and acquaintances that you have so carefully put together.”

In addition to corporations, there are individuals on his list to whom Shatner objects, including one that has the name “ganja” as part of his Twitter handle. “That’s not acceptable to me to have this occur on my followers list as it could hurt my income and my reputation,” said Shatner. “I don’t mind seeing a suggestion on who to follow as a promoted account or even a promoted tweet in my timeline but to add someone or some company to my list of followers implies endorsement.”

“I, like a host of other well knowns and peers, am very careful about endorsements and the abuse by Twitter of this does not sit well with me.

“To that end I will not be doing my year end homage to those I follower since I’m not about to praise MasterCard or Ganja guy.”

On his Twitter feed, Shatner posted a tweet to Twitter head co-founder Jack Dorsey as well as to the Twitter safety team. “Do you understand that by implying that I follow these companies that it appears to be an endorsement?”

“I’m out but am going to reevaluate the time I spend on Twitter going forward,” said Shatner.

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53 thoughts on “Shatner Angry At Twitter

  1. I’m guessing they try to slip those kind of things into people who have a ton of followers and followees. I have 3 followers (I don’t seek out followers) so there’s no way they could slide that by me.

  2. Shatner seems to be confused by his followers and those he follows. Which ones are he talking about?

  3. What Shatner’s problem is was that he is not getting paid a cut from Mastercard/Visa in any way. THAT is what is bothering him the most. He is all about the dollars, look at how many times he mentions the word endorsement, this guy is all about exploiting and benefitting financially, like any JEW.

  4. Bill is right, he isn’t a Starfleet captain he is an actor and businessman. If Twitter says he follows mastercard it does imply an endorsement. If you don’t like the profit motive that’s fine, but the point stands. Imagine if you were vegetarian and your friends saw that you followed a local butcher? What if twitt said you followed a football team you didn’t like? Or one direction? It’s insidious marketing.

  5. If I convert, does that mean I’ll be able to get in on this whole exploiting-and-benefitting-financially thing? ‘Cause that sounds pretty sweet.

  6. Cardassians were the allegory to Israel and the Bajorans were the allegory to the occupied Palestinians, Rick Berman and Michael Pillar both said so themselves. I love Shatner, but how many times do I recall hearing and reading when I was growing up that both him and Nimoy were giving the studio a hard time, and being disruptive due to contract and money disputes, come on man.

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  13. I understand the response but you are trivialising this comment and attitude with a poor metaphor. The whole point of DS9 were the shades of grey within races. Duet was an excellent example of NOT judging entire races by your own experience.

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  22. I always thought the Cardassians were more like Germans, and the Bajorans like Jews. I think that’s a much more fitting allegorical comparison than the one you suggested, or, as you claim, Berman’s and Piller’s imagined allegory (I must admit I’m not familiar with that). When you look at the names of Bajorans, for example, they all kind of resemble jewish names, and the Cardassians e.g. had those titles “gul” (like Gul Dukat, for example), which sounds similar to the German word “Gaul”, which means district, and the Nazis in Nazi Germany had district leaders which were called “Gauleiter” (leader of a district).

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  24. I totally agree. He is speaking of followers in the context of who he follows. He is making it sound like Twitter added people to the people he follows, but he is referring to MasterCard as following him. Which of course, is totally up to MasterCard. Has somebody cleared this confusion up for him yet!?

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