June 18 2024


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Star Trek Collector’s Edition Magazine

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The newest issue of CBS Watch! Magazine focuses on Star Trek and features never-before-scene photos.

The Official CBS Watch! Collector’s Edition Star Trek will “take fans behind-the-scenes of the iconic show.”

Available now on newsstands or online, the Official CBS Watch! Collector’s Edition Star Trek Magazine includes:

  • An introduction by Col. Chris Hadfield, Former Commander, International Space Station.
  • The incredible story of how Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, and ultimately brought it to the screen.
  • An inside look at the Star Trek that could have been.
  • The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise look back.
  • Captain Kirk vs. Captain Pike, an analysis by renowned “Trek-spert” Larry Nemecek.
  • A blueprint of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
  • Famous Trek fans on why they love the series.

To order the Official CBS Watch! Collector’s Edition Star Trek, which sells for $8.00,  head to the link located here.

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5 thoughts on “Star Trek Collector’s Edition Magazine

  1. In other news, in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, Paramount has just booted Roberto Orci from the director’s chair of the next Star Trek film. “Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!”/”Thank pitchforks and pointed ears!”.

  2. wow, for a one off spread of the show from a major network publication (the original network of premier). sounds like they want the franchise back again for a new run of all the series on their channel.

  3. Who WROTE this thing? There are some serious errors in it.

    For example, the inside back cover says that Lawrence Montaigne was originally considered for the role of Spock before Leonard Nimoy decided to leave “Mission: Impossible” for “Star Trek.”

    Say WHAT? “Star Trek” ran from 1966 – 1969; Leonard Nimoy was on “Mission: Impossible” from 1969 – 1971. In other words, it’s completely impossible for him to have left “Mission: Impossible” for “Star Trek” because he was on “Mission: Impossible” AFTER “Star Trek.”

    Sheesh. I won’t believe anything I read in this thing. The pictures are pretty, though.

  4. Star Trek was originally on NBC; this publication is from CBS.

    The rights to all of Star Trek were owned by Paramount, which was bought by Viacom. Later, Viacom split into two, and the rights split with it; Paramount retained the rights to MOVIE Trek, but CBS inherited the rights to TV Trek.

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