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Alice Eve Is Hitched

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Star Trek into DarknessAlice Eve is now married.

The actress, best-known to Trek fans as Carol Marcus, was married on New Year’s Eve.

Eve was married to fiancé Alex Cowper-Smith, at Brompton Oratory in London.

The couple first dated during their days at Westminster School. Reconnecting earlier this year, the romance was rekindled and the couple became engaged last August.

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13 thoughts on “Alice Eve Is Hitched

  1. Does this site have to report the comings and goings of minor Abrams abomination actors? Can it, like, not?

  2. Some people are interested in the actors.

    Plus – I have to do news 5x a week. It’s not like there is an avalanche of Trek news out there, you know?

  3. Well my comment was a little disingenuous I know, since I guess even if you wanted to it would not be justifiable to report on oldTrek actors while ignoring nuTrek ones. But I wince when I see the the actress whom Abrams used for the bawdlerisation of Carol Marcus reported in connection with Star Trek. It’s distressing. Like Garrett Wang, there are just some people who were/are part of a nexus of really shitty Star Trek (largely through no fault of their own) and I really don’t like being reminded of their characters, shows, or movies. But that’s just personal preference.

    In my mind VOY, ENT and AbramsTrek are just effluence to be disposed of.

  4. Old schooler! 😉

    I can understand that. But in writing the news, I reach people who like the original Trek, prefer TNG, love VOY, hate VOY, can’t stand the old dated Trek, love the Abrams Trek, etc. See what I mean? I write stories that would interest me personally, and ones that wouldn’t necessarily interest me as a fan, but that others enjoy.

    There are a lot of fans with differing preferences. We’ve come a long way since all we had to fight about was “which character was better, Kirk or Spock?”

  5. Purely out of curiosity, why is it the case that you HAVE to do news 5X a week? What happens if you post fewer stories than that?

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