June 12 2024


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20 thoughts on “Star Trek 3 Filming To Begin

  1. With several delays and director changes, the 3rd nu Star Trek is finally happening. Hope we don’t have future Kirk played by William Shatner comes out of the Nexus to reset the timelime.

  2. if this is going to be the last star trek movie in the reboot universe i bet the movie ends with the enterprise crew self destructing the enterprise probably with everyone on board including the new crew.

  3. LOL There isn’t a script, so guest actors have not been signed on. There will be no shooting in April at all.

  4. As Khan is still alive, then I would have thought he’d be really dirty and smelly after all his dastardly shenanigans in the last film, so they could call this one, The Bath Of Khan…

  5. Reports say Simon Pegg is helping out with the script… oh dear…. Remember that planet eating machine in TOS? Let’s just hope it returns and swallows up the whole franchise.

  6. Why is everyone always so negative. It pisses me off. The movie hasn’t even been shot yet and everyone is already panning it. I for one am glad that I can still see a Star Trek movie in a theatre. Face it, old style Star Trek movies wouldn’t cut it in the theatres nowadays. Nobody would go to see a 10 minute flyby of the ship, the whales, god at the centre of the galaxy, the Ba’ku, or Shinzon. They just wouldn’t. And they wouldn’t go to the theatre to see The Inner Light even though it’s an excellent story. That’s just the reality of the 21st century.

    The type of Star Trek that examines the human condition and takes time to establish relationships and themes belongs on TV. In the theatre, the movie has to be big, with special effects, and have lots of action. That’s just the way it is. People want their money’s worth and studios want the widest audience possible (not just the guys like me with a communicator badge on). LOL. Studios have to make money and compete with other blockbusters. Of course I’d like to see a little more nuance and Star Trek themes in the movies, and it’s fine to critique the film itself. I’m just getting tired of people being so negative about everything related to the new movies even before they are filmed. Any movie in theatres now will never be like the past. It’s different. I accept it for what it is.

  7. That’s precisely why ST belongs on TV, and not as a film on the big screen. The reason why people are complaining and being negative is because we are going to get another sci-fi action popcorn film that happens to have the name Star Trek on it for brand recognition, but with little (or none) of the thoughtful and meaningful storytelling that ST is famous and popular with the fans for.

  8. I think most of the fans who’ve been complaining the most would wet themselves while crying if that happened.

  9. Inception? Interstellar? Oblivion? Elysium?

    It’s different, as in it’s bad and dumb, that kind of different. I find that difficult to accept.

  10. Agreed. Reading the comments at trektoday is depressing. It seems that all of my fellow trek kids grew up to be bitter, entitled adults that can’t see the forest for the trees.

  11. Sounds like what you want to see in theaters in yet another Transformers. Great, have another Transformers made. But out of respect for the original material, don’t call these characters Kirk, Spock and Bones, ‘cuz that’s not who they are. That’s all *I* want.

  12. Usually when a studio gets nervous over a budget: shoot in another country. Not always a bad thing, but…hmm…

  13. I’m going to be as negative as I damned well please about “the reality of the 21st century” being that blockbuster movies have to be brain-dead turds that assume their audiences are as well.

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