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Trek And the CW

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If the CW President Mark Pedowitz had his way, a Star Trek show would be airing on his television network.

Pedowitz made his brief comment about Star Trek during the Executive Session of the Television Critics Association press tour.

When asked if he would be interested in Star Trek “if it were to become available,” Pedowitz said, “As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I would hope to have Star Trek at The CW.

“Hopefully it will get released and we’ll be able to look at it as a TV series.”

But “at the moment it’s a feature film,” said Pedowitz, “and I have heard no discussion about it going out as a TV show at all.”

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69 thoughts on “Trek And the CW

  1. The problem with Star Trek is modern Hollywood, everything has to be a shoot’em up video game because that is what the film industry’s competition is. I don’t see those issues improving much so I lack much faith in new “official” Trek projects. The entertainment world that let the the original franchise thrive is dead.

  2. Star Trek died when Enterprise was canceled. JJ Abrams parading around with its corpse doesn’t mean it’s alive.

  3. Star Trek is alive because people liked and saw the two recent movies, and made them success at the box office (as well as critical successes.) Your hatred (and the others commenting here) of them is just a drop in the ocean, and means diddly.

  4. Keep fooling yourself. JJ Trek will be dead as soon as the next crapfest leaves the theaters.

  5. According to who it ‘isn’t’ Star Trek? Where do you fucking idiots get this religious bullshit from? It’s an entertainment franchise, not a religion or a primer on how to live life or be a better person. If somebody becomes something in life because of Star Trek, that’s great; however, not everybody sees it like that, or is going to be something better because of it.

    Some perspective is needed: Have the new Star Treks lost the progressive edge?

    You Star Trek foundamentalists (people trapped at the founding moment of whenever you discoveredStar Trek) are going to be the death of the franchise, not the new movies.

  6. And what the frack will replace it? Please let me know what director and writer that is so great that they can direct/write a Star Trek film better than Abrams, Orci, & Kurtzman and the guy who’s going to do it next (and they better be good, realistic choices, too.)

  7. Jonathan Frakes directed two Star Trek films that are better than anything Abrams has done. I believe Mr. Moore and Mr. Braga are still alive, so there are two writers who could write a Star Trek movie better than the JJ movies.

  8. Jonathan Frakes is 60 years old and considered (rightly or wrongly) part of the reason why the franchise failed in the past (and was dying)-he won’t ever be called upon to direct it again (plus, he needs something of his own to be recognized as a director aside from Star Trek). Put simply, Paramount and CBS executives want ‘young minds, fresh ideas’ as Kirk once said in The Search For Spock.

    Moore is doing other things, as is Braga-and Braga is actually winning awards and critical recognition for the first time in his life writing something else than Star Trek (BTW, weren’t you and the other noobs commenting here complaining about Berrman & Braga, aka ‘Bermanga’ fucking up Star Trek? Why do you want them back now?)

    Try again, please. And as I said, I want to see REALISTIC choices, not people that have already done Star Trek in the past (and in the case of Berman & Braga, were dissed for it.)

  9. It owes its continued existence to new ones and the getting/nuturing of new ones, not always pleasing the old ones (who are mostly aging and dying out.) It can’t depend on the old ones forever.

  10. No, you have never heard one word from complaining about Berman & Braga. I’m not sure what Frakes’ age has to do with anything. Maybe you’re too young to know any better.

    Given that the only good Trek has been produced by people who are not JJ Abrams, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to see anyone who’s done Trek before working on it. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of the real Star Trek. It sure does sound that way.

  11. Seriously…You don’t see the snark in this comment of yours? I’m sorry, but your comments throughout this thread are full of snark, much more so than anyone else commenting.

    It is interesting that in all of the discussions/debates on nuTrek versus classic Trek I have either lurked on or contributed to, I have the exact opposite experience that you apparently are having in that it is the folks defending the former that offer up the most snark.

    Do I have the magic answer that gets Trek back to what I consider to be Trek while also remaining economically viable? No, I don’t. I’m not one who knows all of the directors, writers, industry insiders, etc., etc., enough to make an informed decision as to who would do Trek justice again (nor do I care to be that person).

    But what I do have is my opinion on the new movies. On that front, I do know that I have watched the last 2 movies, enjoyed for the most part the initial offering (2009) despite some misgivings, but then did not care at all for STID and see at as Trek in name only. The fact that it made money (although not as much as was hoped by TPTB as I understand it) is irrelevant to me.

    I will continue to hope that TPTB will take into account those of us who are in the same boat as myself (which is more than a lot of the movie’s defenders perhaps realize or want to acknowledge) and hopefully take Trek in a better direction in the future (3rd movie and beyond).

    If not, they lose me as a fan and so be it…I’ll be saddened to be sure as something I used to enjoy will no longer exist in my world, but there are plenty of other things I’m “into” to keep me happy out there 🙂 .

  12. I’ve heard plenty. And no, Frakes isn’t going to be selected for a Trek directing job, no matter how you may wish for it. Try again, sir.

  13. Left out a word: “me” You have never heard one word from me complaining about Berman & Braga. And regardless of whether or not Mr. Frakes directs a Trek movie again, if he did he’d do a damn better job than the plagiarists from Abrams & Co. Clearly, the only thing you’re interested in is seeing the words “Star” and “Trek” on your entertainment units, regardless of whether or not those units contain any actual Star Trek content.

  14. Please, you and people like you could have fooled me all of these years that I’ve been on the ‘Net. Why all of the love for Berman & Braga now anyway?

  15. Get it through your tiny, tribble-like brain: it is possible for somebody to hate Berman & Braga and Abrams Trek. It is possible for somebody to like Berman & Braga and Abrams Trek. It is possible for somebody to like Berman & Braga and hate Abrams Trek. I fall into that last category. Accept that fact, don’t except it, kill yourself – I don’t give a rat’s ass which

  16. I’m interested in seeing Star Trek survive, period-if it survives doing the space opera that it actually is (with just a smattering of thought or philosophy) then that’s fine with me. Anything else like most of you people here commenting wants, and it becomes a bore-fest that makes no money, and thus ends the franchise. But, I guess ending the franchise is what so-called ‘fans’ like you constantly screaming ‘Get off my lawn, you kids!’ wants to see happen.

    If you want so much intellectual stimulation from sci-fi, why don’t you all do yourselves a favor, and go to the bookstore (or library) and buy/borrow some sci-fi books that has said qualities in spades in them? You’ll get more out of them than you will getting anything out of a space opera that its creator let himself get deluded into believing was more than it actually was due to it becoming popular in television syndication.

  17. Star Trek hasn’t survived. “Star Trek” is not just a code for whatever action crap mindless kindergarteners like yourself enjoy watching. It used to mean a very specific thing, but now people like you have turned it into crap. I hope you enjoy playing with your crap.

  18. Oh yes, because obviously it’s a guide to life and living, delivered by a prophet who was saintly and wise rather than being a television writer/show-runner who got lucky creating an entertainment franchise that a lot of people loved to bits.

    See the delusion in what you and others are saying here? This is the kind of thing that Trekfans who aren’t like you have to refute when they say that they are fans of Star Trek. You’ve made it into a religion, with Roddenberry as a prophet and chief priest, and with rules that must be followed, otherwise, it isn’t ‘pure’ enough to be Star Trek. If that’s not the kind of crazy that most non-Trekfans think of when they think of fandom, I don’t know what is.

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