June 21 2024


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Masterson To Guest Star On CW Show

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Deep Space Nine‘s Chase Masterson will be appearing on CW‘s The Flash.

The Flash is based on the DC Comics superhero crime fighter Flash, also known as Barry Allen.

Masterson will play Sherry in The Nuclear Man episode, which will be the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Flash.

Fans can tune in to see Masterson on Tuesday February 10 at 8 PM EST on the CW.

William Shatner tweeted Masterson, promising to live tweet the episode once he found out when it would be airing.

Below is a promo for the episode.

Photos courtesy TrekNews.net.

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9 thoughts on “Masterson To Guest Star On CW Show

  1. you know what this means folks? since we already have a star wars character in mark hamil on the show now we have a star trek actress on the show, that means star trek will be returning to tv on the cw sometime in the future.

  2. Thought Shatner was quitting from Twitter… They must have paid his Jew-ass off, lol.

  3. I will delete comments that are out-of-line. Keep it up and I will delete people who are out-of-line.

  4. Such a good show. With a lack of Trek on TV, the super hero shows have become what I look forward to now.

  5. Considering Trek was quality/mature television and super hero shows are geared to the lowest IQ and teens…..I’m a bit confused. There simply is no comparison.

  6. Depends on the super hero show. The ones with really good writing like Arrow or Flash are just as good in terms of quality to the best of Star Trek. I think if you know where to look, you’ll fine some top notch stories dealing with the human condition in the adventures of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen. It’s not just dumb action for the sake of action. To be fair there is some of that, but when you move past it there are some incredibly gripping stories.

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