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Pegg Addresses Trek 3 Rumors

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Simon Pegg spoke up regarding one of the rumors regarding a guest role on Star Trek 3.

The rumor concerns possible Trek villain Idris Elba.

According to the rumor, Elba would be taking on the role of a Klingon warrior.

It’s not true,” said Pegg. “No, no, no. I heard there’s a rumor he’s been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film but he won’t be a Klingon.”

But then Pegg laughed and added, “Or maybe he will!”

Fans will remember that there were rumors that Khan  would be in the last movie and that those rumors were also denied.

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23 thoughts on “Pegg Addresses Trek 3 Rumors

  1. I am sick and tired of this “JJ-illusiveness” games they keep playing. Didn’t they learn their lessons from how they fucked up Darkness with all this Khan bullshit, argh makes me sick, I swear!!

  2. The JJ lies really annoyed me. There’s a difference between being vague and outright lies.

    Pegg at least acknowledges this, tongue in cheek. You’re not going to get huge plot details this early on – so answers like this will be given.

  3. Yeah I agree. JJ was a moron when it came to Khan. The way he denied it and they way they characterized Khan in the movie. Real crappy.

  4. I hope Elba is a Klingon warrior, and Also the reason why into Darkness did not do so well was because JJ Abrams lied to his Audience he told everyone it was not Khan when it really was and we all knew it secondly they used Khan people did not like that and they rehashed the Wrath of Khan story they remade it and fans did not like that and then they made Khan White and that pissed fans off and confused fans even more, IF Abrams only gave us a new Story with a new Villain things would of been better look at Star Trek 09 we had a new Story a new Villain and it worked sure Trek fans did not like it but then again who cares these people are not entitled to anything, so now they are following some rules now first don’t lie to your Audience second you make a new Villain and a new Story once you do that you can do anything you can make it Darker and Grittier and more Violent.

  5. Harsh. I get the first two issues but Idris Elba is a fine actor and would be a wonderful addition to Star Trek.

  6. On the surface, Paramount would seem to have reasserted its authority strongly with this film. For Into Darkness they seemed to let J.J. have his way since the first film was such a success. An astronomical budget, no interference with casting and they backed down when the two were at odds about announcing Khan would be the villain before the film opened.
    I don’t know how much of the hardcore fan backlash they took to heart (critical reviews were very good and it was still a blockbuster), but it could easily be argued that trying to pull the wool over our eyes just made that distraction worse – we didn’t have time to try to get used to the idea of Cumberbatch as Khan and the initial insulted reaction stuck. The film wasn’t a bigger success than the last one due to the increased production and marketing budget and depressed domestic grosses offsetting international gains.
    This time around, Paramount has forcibly removed Abrams’ directorial successor (who happens to be reviled by fandom at a level that would shock even Rick Berman and Brannon Braga), installed an action-movie flavor of the year, demanded the story be completely redone and is obviously still going to demand the film be released in time for the 50th anniversary.
    I’m all for some secrecy – was it really a good thing that by the late ’90s we had moles who leaked the major plot details of all the Berman era films and TV scripts before they aired? But I’m also in favor of the studio muscling in a little and insisting that just because he’s an auteur, J.J. Abrams doesn’t have all the right instincts when it comes to how these films should be made and marketed. Paramount gave him his big break as a movie director with M:I-3, they have some clout to use.

  7. I’m really tired of knockleheads like DS9 saying hardcore trekkers are “not entitled” bitch about the direction or content of TREK films–if it weren’t for us old, hardcore fans THERE WOULDN’T BE A STAR TREK FOR JARR JARR ABRAMS to screw-up in the first place. WE were there keeping TREK alive after PARAMOUNT kicked TREK to the curb and left it for dead. WE made it profitable enuff for Paramount to take a second look. WE convinced Paramount to use the ORIGINAL cast for ST :TMP when they intended to recast unknowns. WE created the fanzines that kept interest alive. WE made the conventions the shocking phenomena that made THE BUSINESS WORLD take notice of TREK. WE were there. What did YOU do DS9 ? Buy a movie ticket? WE OLD TREKKERS feel some entitlement alright. You bet we do. But for some reasons YOU will never understand. Roddenberry created something MORE than just a TV show to sell commercial time. OF COURSE TREK is part of the business world and needs to be profitable. But nothing says there can’t be some art and even IDEAS intertwined with the entertainment. That’s what Gene did. He created something with a life–dare I say a SOUL–that will forever be MORE than the sum of it’s parts. And WE old trekkers are disgusted with what JARR JARR ABRAMS has done to OUR Star Trek. He created flashy, loud, profitable, FORGETTABLE popcorn movies. SOULESS, empty, popcorn movies totally meant to do away with any connection to the “moldy, oldy” Trek that came before. The thing to remember is that as we approach TREK’s 50th Anniversary, people still credit TREK and GENE for their decisions to become engineers, scientists, astronauts, writers, etc., etc., and will CONTINUE to do so for another 50 years. NO ONE will remember JARR JARR ABRAMS in 50 years, except maybe for his, unfortunate, connection to Trek history. We do have HOPE, though, that Nu Trek 3 can be both profitable and have some sense of feeling AND ideas. E ven perhaps, that sense of WONDER that permeated real Trek. By the way, DS9-please take some kind of writing course so you can actually write a coherent email–you write like a second grader.

  8. I remember some great leaks about First Contact.

    To quote one post from April 96

    > From: Captain Riker
    > Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current
    > Subject: The low down: Star Trek: Generations II.
    > Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 19:02:40 -0500
    > Organization: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

    > Greetings.
    > I’m going out on a limb to tell you guys this information. I can’t tell
    > you my name because Frakes would fire my ass off the set if he heard
    > about what I’m doing. I’m even mailing this from a friends account to be
    > safe.
    > There are about twenty people now who know everything about Star Trek 8,
    > and I’m one of them. Suffice it to say, I work on the set. I’ve spent the
    > past week down in Arizona filming, and just got back to the Paramount lot
    > yesterday.
    > Info about the new movie:
    > *It is not going to be called Generations II. Frakes just coined that
    > name because he was sick and tired of everyone referring to it as Star
    > Trek 8.
    > *James Cromwell is in the film as Zefran Cochrane, though he hasn’t
    > reported in yet. He’s not scheduled to start filming his scenes for
    > several weeks.
    > *Alfre Woodard *is not* in the film. She was offered a role, but she
    > claimed that the role was too small and the character weak, so she
    > declined. Jane Seymour was then asked, but scheduling conflicts forbade
    > her from being in the movie. Thus, the role of Caroline Schauer goes to
    > Samantha Mathis. She was most recently seen in Broken Arrow.
    > *Stefanie Weist has won the role of the Borg Queen. She is a young woman,
    > making her movie debut. I witnessed her rehearsal, and I was impressed. I
    > can’t wait to see her performance!
    > *Captain Sisko will appear in the film. He was written out of the third
    > draft, but the fourth and working draft included him again.
    > *All TNG people will appear. Guinan will not appear.
    > *The story:
    > Much of what you’ve heard regarding the plot on the net is bogus.
    > I will tell you what is accurate:
    > DS9 gets blown up at the beginning of the movie. Sisko manages to
    > evacuate some of the civilians to Bajor. After the Borg begin to
    > assimilate the Bajorans, Sisko realizes the hopelessness of their
    > situation and orders Worf to take the Defiant to Earth to protect the
    > homeworld. The last scene at DS9 shows Sisko and a few other Starfleet
    > and Bajoran officers getting assimilated.
    > Worf sets a course for Earth. Fortunately, the entire quadrant
    > was warned of the Borg invasion, so much of Starfleet’s ships were in
    > sector one. The Federation unveils a new weapon, phase cloaks, which can
    > also fire when cloaked (not phased though.) Twelve new ships, same class
    > as the Defiant, have this technology and begin to waste the Borg. Also in
    > this battle is the Enterprise-E, captained by Riker.
    > The Borg, realizing they are losing, begin plan B. One of the
    > ships, a scout ship similar to the one in Best of Both Worlds,
    > dissappears. Instantaneously, an alternate timeline is formed, where the
    > Federation does not exist, because warp drive was never invented.
    > I will stop there. Don’t want to give away too many secrets. I
    > still want someone to go see this movie. I promise it will be the best
    > Trek movie yet! And Paramount just gave us an extra $5 million!

    Someone’s thoughts on usenet later in Jun 96:

    > The most prevelant script that has been around starts with the Borg
    coming out of the Bajoran wormhole and ends with the Federation in
    tatters and a rag tag fleet of assorted races flying of into the

    With these ideas in mind, DS9 would be rocked irrevokably by events in
    FC. With the Federation effectively destroyed we would be looking at a
    mobile fleet in the same way as the pre Return of the Jedi fleet of
    Star Wars.

    No Starfleet to call upon and a quadrant in tatters. Perhaps the
    Paramount plan is to run a 10 episode story arc that shows the
    aftermarth of the Borg attack. (Why do I hear B5 fans shouting

    Anyway, my point is that Paramount and Rick Berman have a chance to do
    something that has never been done before (I don’t think) and that is
    to totally interweave the story line of a movie and a TV show, perhaps
    2 shows if they decide to bring Yoyager home.

    To my mind that would be outstanding but would require feats of
    coordination never before seen in the world of TV and Film.

  9. Oh wow, that is amazing! The first leak isn’t too bad, it’s credible because of the Cromwell info and there are always negotiations and gossip being traded about that gets blown out of proportion. A Sisko cameo being planned makes sense, as does a more elaborate space battle having been written but cut leading up to the time travel plot, but the writers have only ever confessed to planning to blow up the Defiant, not DS9, and Ira Steven Behr objected. But yeah, it basically reads like enthusiastic fan fiction surrounded a few kernels of truth. My favorite kind of leak.

  10. No, in his final effort to make a political statement, Abrams will make the villain gay, generating a tepid endorsement from Takei who will argue that there should be a gay starship captain and not a villain to promote the LGBT cause. Oh my!

  11. Yeah, but Simon Pegg idolizes and worships anything J.J. so he is going to mold right after his bullshit style, and J.J. and Orci themselves are probably coaching him on what to pen. So no real deviation is anticipated there, just names. Plus Edris Elba is too big for Trek, no matter how much the budget is. Big actors generally are embarrassed to attach their names to Trek. Eric Bana was an odd exception.

  12. I dunno, I think that’s just projecting onto Pegg something that’s not necessarily true. As for big names (setting aside how Eddie Murphy, Sean Connery and Tom Hanks’ near participations were more than just wishful casting dreams) these films now make over $400 million – that officially makes it worthy of the A list.

  13. The best Trek films (leaving the Abrams stuff out of this) were perhaps II, VI, and First Contact. They were also the ones where they were able to take villains from the series. I believe there is a correlation between those two.

    Trek of the TOS sort–and this Abramsverse stuff still is of the TOS sort–is not Trek without the Klingons. WIthout them, you will not make an iconic Trek film, for it would be like making a trilogy about Holmes and never really getting to Moriarity; like Arthur without Mordred; like Robin Hood but no Sheriff of Nottingham; like Picard, but no Borg. The hero, but not the archenemy. What kind of epic tale would that be?

  14. This makes me think about something I had talked to a friend about. What if the various Trek shows and films had been more intertwined then they were? I mean like how in Marvel land the last Captain America film directed effected the events of Agents of SHIELD on TV. This “pitch” kind of pushes it more into that territory. That would have been so cool!

  15. I’m not going to watch the film anyway, so whatever. Sooner or later Trek will be hit by this bullet. Hollywood is far too gone Liberal for it not to, but my bet is that it will be in the next show not film.

  16. Because a black man can’t play a bad guy in a Star Trek film without playing a Klingon. Excuse me, I meant a Blingon.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if he was playing a human?

  17. Does anyone have the preliminary rumor pics of the Enterprise -E at the time, I remember it was this hideous but interesting pic of what the new Enterprise was to look like, I remember I read a description where it said, “the new Enterprise will make the Defiant look like a soap dish.” I’ve looked all over but can not find it.

  18. This was around 1995, when they were rumoring Christopher Walken as the bad guy in the future, and Yaffet Coto for the villan of the past. Lol.

  19. If he’s good enough to be considered for the nest James Fucking Bond, I think he can play a goddamn Klingon.

  20. I’d love it if there was no person playing the villain. My respects to Mr. Elba, but what if the heavy wasn’t a person? Maybe instead a force of nature? Maybe the crew’s own short comings and misconceptions? What if???

  21. I’d love it of ST3 was actually ORIGINAL. No old villians revisited. Just go out and freakin’ explore. Have an adventure. Get into trouble. Get out of trouble. Get laid. Etc.

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