June 13 2024


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Star Trek/Doctor Who Parody Comic

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A Doctor for the Enterprise, a parody from Amazing Stories featuring the original series and Doctor Who, has just been published.

Written by David Gerrold, the signed and numbered comic will be limited to only five hundred copies.

In A Doctor for the Enterprise, “what cosmic horror has brought Doctor Who to the Enterprise? Can Kirk, Spock and McCoy save their ship from an onslaught of Klingons and Daleks at the same time? Will anything bad happen to those cuddly Tribbles? Could there be an evil genius behind it all?”

Written by Gerrold; the issue features pencils and color by Troy Boyle, inks by Jeff Austin, and letters by Nic J. Shaw.

To order A Doctor for the Enterprise, which sells for $29.95, head to the link located here. If outside of the U.S., use the “without shipping” option, and the shipping will be calculated separately.

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11 thoughts on “Star Trek/Doctor Who Parody Comic

  1. Yeah, for that price I’d much rather buy 3 copies of the Leonard Nimoy commemorative magazine.

  2. Ditto. I’m sure my local Safeway will carry the Leonard Nimoy tribute, as we have no bookstores within 10-15 miles.

    I never cared for series crossovers, unless they were in the same “universe” or at least from the same producer/studio. For example, long ago I had a friend (RIP) who wrote crossover fan fiction in the Irwin Allen universe, e.g., Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea meets The Time Tunnel (Tony and Doug appear on the Seaview), Lost in Space meets Land of the Giants (the Jupiter II lands on the Giants planet), that kind of thing. Somehow, it seemed to work. But Star Trek and Doctor Who or Planet of the Apes? ACK!

  3. They may call this a parody, but clearly it’s not. That’s just a way for them to try to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit–which they’d lose.

  4. Mine arrived yesterday and it’s a turd. Don’t waste your bucks on this piece of crap. Worst Trek comic I’ve ever read. Finished it in less time than it’s taking me to write this post because it’s thin and has no story. Total scam.

  5. Yeah, this comic is total tripe. It’s a bad Trek comic. It’s a bad Who comic. It’s a bad comic. It’s just bad. David Gerrold should know better.

  6. Check out my #DoctorWhoParodyu202c Fanfic short story, Losing the Keys to Time on #Wattpad.nhttps://www.wattpad.com/myworks/49750055-losing-the-keys-to-time

  7. boy, why don’t you all tell me how you feel?nnPrice is high because its limited edition, signed by author and artist and numbered.nnDon’t know why you guys have such a strong negative reaction as its gotten praise elsewhere. Seems to me most folks would at least be happy with getting a bit more ST:TOS with Tribbles out of Gerrold. nn…and: it IS a parody. Go re-read the dialogue, lol.

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