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Takei Calls For Boycott

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Star Trek‘s George Takei is calling for a boycott of Indiana.

The reason for Takei’s anger is because of a bill, SB101, recently passed in the state.

According to the bill, “state and local government cannot substantially burden a person’s religion, including if that burden stems from a rule, unless the government has a ‘compelling interest’ and it is the ‘least restrictive’ means of doing so.”

This could mean that service could be denied on the basis of religious grounds. Say that a baker did not agree with gay marriage because of his religious beliefs; according to the interpretation of this bill, he could not be forced to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple who came into his business.

Those supporting SB101 believe that it “protects fundamental religious rights,” but opponents believe that it will “legalize discrimination,” especially against same-sex couples.

“I am outraged that Governor Pence would sign such a divisive measure into law,” said Takei. “He has made it clear that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) couples, like Brad and me, are now unwelcome in his state. The notion that this bill was not driven by animus (hostility) against our community is belied by the record and frankly insulting.

“I will join many in demanding that socially responsible companies withdraw their business, conferences and support from his state and that LGBTs and our friends and supporters refuse to visit or do business with Indiana. It is a sad day for the Hoosier state, and indeed for the many good people of Indiana, for whom this law now stands as a terrible blight upon that state’s reputation.”

“The legislation, SB 101, is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers that their religious freedoms are intact,” said Pence. “I strongly support the legislation and applaud the members of the General Assembly for their work on this important issue.”

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315 thoughts on “Takei Calls For Boycott

  1. Is that all you got? Your arguments start to falter and all you have left is calling me a bigot? lol

  2. You have obviously mistaken me for someone who cares what you think. I don’t care if you live or die, so you can imagine how little I care about your opinions. Although if you were to kill yourself, you could be suckin’ off Jeebus this very day, which would make you, me and Him (probably) very happy.

  3. It all leads to the same thing. The problem with people like you that think everything in the world should be changed to support a particular group’s agenda is that you don’t know when to stop and it will blow up in your faces. Unfortunately, we all have to go down with you. You seriously need to start thinking before you start running your mouth off.

  4. Well said. Unfortunately, and I believe this is particularly true of progressives, many people won’t let the fed stay out. They want to have power over those they disagree with and can’t change through their words. If you can’t convince ’em, force ’em.

  5. Nice try. You apparently cared enough to post and now that you’re caught without a valid argument, you’re resorting to name calling. Hell, not even name calling is good enough for you now since you’ve gone past that and have gone straight to alluding to how I should kill myself because it will make me happy in my religion. You’re a real piece of work.

  6. It’s too bad that clumsy jewish whore didn’t get an abortion. It would be a much better world.

  7. Race isn’t even a factor in this law. I know you’re trying to be a good boy and toe the talking points you’ve been seeing from the liberal media, but it’s not doing you any favors.

  8. Isn’t it interesting that when some people don’t have a good argument, they jump straight to name calling?

  9. No problem! Feel free to kill yourself if you don’t want to keep waiting for that lying fuck Jesus to come back. I hope all your children marry black men!

  10. Which is why your best defense is by knowing the US Constitution. You have to break down the argument to the point of being irrefutable. It’s the only way to isolate these people from the main stream as being “unreasonable” (to put it mildly). At that point, if they start the name calling, simply respond to them by calling them out on their bigotry, which usually shuts them down (since they don’t like being called bigots, due to their knee-jerk need to be known as “progressive”).

  11. What a fine example of christian love you are! It’s too bad methwhores aren’t forced to get abortions. Nobody would have ever had to put up with you at all.

  12. No, it does not lead to the same thing.
    1)Gays are not protected by Indiana’s anti-discrimination laws. Businesses can already refuse to serve them with impunity. The RFRA is not needed for that purpose. So who’s changing the law to support an agenda here?
    2) The KKK, and being black, are not religions. This bill will not apply in that situation at all because it is a bill to refuse service on religious grounds.
    You don’t seem to understand what this RFRA is about, and you definitely don’t understand what I posted. Try taking your own advice and thinking before you run your mouth at me.

  13. Frankly, I feel sorry for people like you. You see, if I’m wrong and there is no God or afterlife then I, like everyone else, will just vanish into the cosmos. OTOH, you I’m right and you’re wrong…………………….

  14. You’re still alive? That’s a shame. But at least as long as you’re wasting time on the internet, small children and horses have a little less to worry about.

  15. Such a tolerant little piss ant, aren’t we? See, it’s people like you that have brought us to this point. My way or no way. If I can’t force someone to do something or think like I think, I’ll get the Federal givmint to force them to do it. But that’s usually what you find when you scratch the paint off a liberal, an authoritarian. Or worse

  16. As a patriot I don’t tolerate anti-American filth like you. I hope whatever it is you’re shacked up with is raped to death by Muslims.

  17. How the heck are they being discriminated against?!? Because they’re can’t have everything their own way 100% of the time? Christians can hate whomever they want in their churches and private lives, but if someone owns a business that’s supposedly open to the public, they can’t suddenly just pick and choose who they want to serve based on irrelevant factors. Some Christians love to push everyone else around, but as soon as someone says, “Stop that,” then you hear cries of, “Why, that’s Christian persecution!!!”

  18. Something more to think about today from a pioneer of the civil rights movement:

    The value of religious freedom is paramount in our country — that’s why it’s enshrined in our nation’s Constitution. Let there be no doubt: People of faith and their right to exercise their closely held religious beliefs are fully protected. Most unfortunately, a select group of insidious activists and elected officials is pretending those protections don’t exist and is threatening the civil rights of LGBT Americans.

    Legislators in states such as Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia are busy pushing bills that purport to further protect religious believers from the so-called scourge of government intrusion. But these bills aren’t about religious belief at all: They’re about discrimination, pure and simple.

    Legislative proposals like the one coming to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the bill Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law Thursday are driven not by belief but by fear of the unknown. As marriage equality edges closer and closer to becoming the law of the land, those who are dismayed by the broad sweep of progress are using so-called religious freedom bills as ballast. But doing so puts not only LGBT Americans and their families at risk — it puts all of us in an untenable position.

    These religious refusal proposals tell folks they can pick and choose which laws they want to follow. That individuals can sue not only businesses but teachers, firefighters, and police officers if they believe their religious rights are violated. If a police officer sues his precinct because he is required to patrol a mosque, can laws like the one in Indiana protect him? If a father sues a teacher because she disciplined his child under a community-wide anti-bullying policy, can legislation like that before the governor of Arkansas put that teacher in jeopardy? These bills are intentionally vague, leaving it up to an overburdened court system to decide whether an individual’s religious beliefs are more important than another person’s basic civil rights.

    We oppose these bills because they seek not to preserve or protect religious believers but to demean and exclude LGBT people, religious minorities, and others who may find themselves standing on the outside looking in.

    I have seen discrimination. I have stood inside businesses that would not serve me because of my race, and I have been told that the rights of those business owners were more important than mine. I countered that logic then, as I do now. We have no crisis of religious discrimination; we have a crisis of fear. I stand against these bills and with those who are fighting to stop them. I refuse to allow discrimination to cloak itself in a shroud of faith. I refuse to give into fear.

    DR. JULIAN BOND is a civil rights leader and former member of the Georgia legislature. He is the founder and president emeritus of the Southern Poverty Law Center and served as chairman of the NAACP from 1998 to 2010.

  19. Help me understand. How am I discriminating? I’m just asking to have the same rights as you do. Last time I checked, that isn’t discriminating. A request and not a demand. From reading your posts, it seems you are quick to justify that anybody who doesn’t go along with your beliefs should be labeled as the same.

  20. I’m sorry but you are walking a fine line of lunacy. At the end of the day you are advocating the forcing of people that disagree with something as a part of their religious beliefs to ignore said beliefs and yield to your will because you think they are wrong in their religious beliefs. And you don’t see anything wrong with this? Do you even have any understanding of the crimes against humanity that have been committed for similar reasons such as those you are advocating? You might as well start practicing your goose stepping now.

  21. The KKK is actually a religion to many of those that are members. Shocker, I know, but you seem to be more interested in liberal talking points. Please do yourself a favor and learn about this law and slippery slope you are advocating we slide down. You might surprise yourself.

  22. And there’s Godwin’s Law in action. Unbelievably, you’re the second person I’ve seen compare George Takei to a freakin’ Nazi. If people want to run a business, there are certain rules they need to abide by, and one of those is not to discriminate. If a fundamentalist Mormon refuses service to a black person, should that be okay, too?

  23. Hey George, remember, the same right that lets you boycott them lets them refuse you service. All this law has done is reduce government interference in the First Amendment right of assembly. Nobody should be forced to do business with anyone else. In a truly free country, we have to be allowed to make bad decisions. The error in the law is basing the issue on freedom of religion, when religion isn’t involved. It’s still the First Amendment, just a different clause.

  24. ” There can be no “compromise” when it comes to human and civil rights.” And yet that is exactly what you demand and what this law denies or at least reduces: we have a right to decide who to associate with. This is a right actually stated in the Constitution, and this law reduces government interference in that human and civil right.

  25. If you want equal rights, then stop trying to suppress the rights of others. This means stop demanding that other people do business with you against their will or demanding they be punished for not wanting to do business with you. You demand the freedom of association but are upset that the law has been changed to reduce government suppression of that right for those who disagree with you?

  26. Are you in favor of racism? The very same arguments kept black Americans from using the same restrooms & water fountains, kept them from being able to cast a vote and from having equal rights to white Americans.

    The “Gay Agenda” is to work, pay taxes, get married, buy products, have a family and worship… just like any other American.

  27. Many of the religious right ministers and Congressmen have engaged in homosexual activity while proclaiming it to be evil. World X will still have its share of gay people… they may have to hide it, is all.

  28. “My civil rights extend only as far as the next American’s civil rights.” – 10th grade Civics class, Ohio, Bible-belt.

    The rest of civilized countries are laughing at Indiana’s, and other states’, endorsement of the denial of civil rights to gay Americans. Most of Europe has endorsed human civil rights much faster than “Free” America.

  29. Gay people don’t care how you THINK. They do care about how you ACT.

  30. What slippery slope? The slope of passing unnecessary legislation?
    My position is that the RFRA is not needed here because gays are not a protected class in Indiana. Passing a law to protect business owners from a threat that does not exist is counter to everything conservatives claim to stand for. Being libertarian myself, I think it’s a waste of time and energy, and being done to get votes and attention.
    As for the KKK. They are not a religion even if they think they are. The courts do not recognize them as a religion and that’s that. The same goes for being black. This law will not apply in that situation at all.

  31. Neither one of those examples is valid.
    A black man can obect to burning crosses, but not on religious grounds. Being black is not a religion.
    A Jew can object to swastikas, but once again, not on religious grounds. The Torah and the Talmud have no prohibitions against Nazis.
    The RFRA provides protection when someone refuses a service because of their religious convictions, and it just is not going to apply in other situations.

  32. You’re hopeless. Why don’t you just put on a brown shirt now. Your masters will be needing your services soon I imagine.

  33. READ THE FREAKING LAW! You are just repeating lunatic talking points and they aren’t valid in this case…at all…period!

  34. Brown shirt? But you were just calling me a liberal. Don’t tell me that you have no clue what fascism is either.

  35. Indeed. How dare they want the same things you were eventually forced to concede to black people. Just give them their own water fountains and move on.

  36. Forget it, I don’t know why I’m trying to reason with someone so far gone that they think that people arguing for gay rights and equality are analogous to Nazis (even though gays had it at least as bad as the Jews under Hitler, but never mind).

    My original point stands; it’s disheartening to see this level of rabid bigotry and irrationality among certain people who are supposedly Star Trek fans.

  37. In short, you applaud denying civil rights to a group based on still some other group (with only a few common members) denying blacks rights decades ago. You fully support the tactics used against blacks who, unlike gays today, often had no alternative choice. Enjoy your time in the Klan.

  38. You are so narrow minded. Did the nazis start gaining power by throwing people in concentration camps? No, it “progressed” to that stage. Now I’m not saying that things will necessarily get as bad as they did under the nazis but many of the tactics they used to gain power over those they disagreed with are now being used by liberals, and in this case, gay radicals. You can bury your head in the sand all you want, but it’s true.

  39. It’s all BS. Indiana has the same law that 19 other states have. And it’s not anti-gay. It simply protects those whose religious beliefs may prohibit us from serving the gay community. THAT’S IT.

  40. Aww, you’re adorable. Do you truly think that by shouting “Hey! They’s got the word Socialist in they’s name!” that it makes it so? Because Nazis were so honest and straightforward?
    Nazis were:
    Anti leftist; anti union; anti dole and social security; anti minorities; anti women’s rights; anti gays; anti pacificists;
    Pro Christian religion and identification of Germany as a Christian state (interestingly enough, another smokescreen; go ye and google “cult of Thule”); pro big, wealthy industries, and yes, pro capitalism; pro military aggression; pro Aryan racial superiority; pro right-wing governments, supporting many around the world; yadda yadda.
    When Hitler’s clique took over the NSDAP, they kept the word “Socialist” in the party’s name because of its appeal to the German working class (ie., the rubes). To justify this, he made up his own definitions of socialism and nationalism. Hitler explained this himself in Mein Kampf.
    Hilariously, Hitler’s clique murdered and imprisoned all the party’s socialists in a little shinding we like to call the Night of the Long Knives.
    Oh, but they did keep the socialized health care. Which was great if you were white, had no Jewish or ethnic ancestry, and preferably blond. So, one point for you.

    A few sources:
    I also heartily recommend William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, pretty much any encyclopedia, university library, history web site, and in your case especially, a dictionary.

  41. Last time I check threatening to “burn down” a business was not discrimination. And have you ever heard of the concept of- well, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! it’s not the only pizza place in Indiana. Naw, your sanctimony would not be satisfied by that.

  42. Then you ought to love the former pastor who called up the Florida bakery, illegally recorded a phone conversation with them, and then got his Christian followers to bombard them with death threats when they declined to make cakes with anti-gay messages on them.

    Well, now I’ve got bad news for you. It was ruled a few days ago that the baker I mentioned did not discriminate against the homophobe who wanted to sue her for refusing to put hateful language on cakes, which is as it should be, because, once again, as anyone with common sense should understand, going into a business and asking for the exact same thing as everyone else is not the same as asking for something with hate speech on it.

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