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Inner Light Screenwriter Brooklyn Appearances

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Morgan Gendel, who wrote the Hugo Award-winning The Next Generation episode The Inner Light, will be making several appearances in the New York City area next week.

Gendel will be appearing first at a screening of The Inner Light at the Brooklyn Public Library on Tuesday, April 21.

The free screening of The Inner Light will be followed by a discussion and a question and answer session. Gendel will discuss “discuss his inspiration for the episode and will tell all about his behind-the-scenes experiences in the Star Trek world.” Afterwards, Gendel will autograph copies of his original writer’s draft of The Inner Light teleplay.

Gendel wrote or co-wrote four Trek episodes, including two from The Next Generation (The Inner Light, Starship Mine), and two from Deep Space Nine (The Passenger, Armageddon Game). He has also written more than two hundred episodes of television, including Law & Order, MTV’s Spider-Man, V.I.P. and The Dresden Files.

The Brooklyn Public Library appearance is free to the public and will take place Tuesday, April 21, from 7:00-9:00 PM. Reservations are required and to reserve your place head to the link located here.

The next day at 7 PM, Gendel will be appearing at the Singularity & Co. Bookstore in Brooklyn (18 Bridge Street), where he will answer questions and autograph copies of his writer’s draft of The Inner Light, and issues of The Outer Light. The Outer Light is “his graphic novel sequel to the episode recently ranked second of all Star Trek episodes across all franchises.”

On Thursday, April 23 at 7 PM, Gendel will be appearing at the Brooklyn Futurist Meetup Livestream Public (195 Morgan Avenue), where he will “use his fan-favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Inner Light, as a jumping-off point to discuss the role of the connectome on TV and movies and the real-life implications for Human 2.0.

“Clips from The Inner Light, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Total Recall, The Matrix and Inception will highlight the sci-fi potential for connectome hacks, following which Gendel will draw on the work of Sebastian Seung of Princeton University and others to discuss what could happen when fiction becomes reality. Once we can alter anyone’s connectome, will mental illness, schooling and personality quirks become a thing of the past?”

This appearance will cost $7.00. For more details, head to the link located here.

The week will wrap up with Gendel conducting a writing workshop at the NY Media Center on Saturday, April 25 from 10:30 AM to 4 PM. The workshop will be held at the Made in NY Media Center. The cost for this workshop will be $125.00.

In the workshop, “participants in this day-long workshop will be the ‘writers’ in a realistic writers room setting as they create the concept for a new hypothetical sci-fi series. The fundamentals of setting, character and action will be examined with an eye toward how they work together in a compelling screen story. Open to working writers, aspiring amateurs, sci-fi fans or those who simply want to voice their ideas.”

For more information on the writing workshop, head to the link located here.

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