February 21 2024


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Vulcan Pays Tribute To Nimoy

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Trek fans and residents of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada came together to pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy this weekend.

Attendees shared their memories of the actor and described his impact on their lives and on the community.

Fans saw a video “chronicling the life and times of Nimoy,” and a stained glass portrait of Spock was presented to the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station by Rick Howard, Vulcan town councillor.

“He was such a humbling man to visit with,” said Vulcan mayor Tom Grant. “He had this ability to lower himself to our level and make you feel like you were one of them.

“He made me feel like I was welcome, he made me feel like I was a friend. No matter where he was he didn’t look down on anybody.”

“I loved the event,” said Ron Mussli, a Trek fan from Calgary. “I’ve been a Star Trek fan since my teens, so it’s been about forty-give years at least.

“I wanted to see the memorial for Nimoy because I found him to be an exceptional character in the original series. It just felt appropriate to come down and enjoy the atmosphere.”

“We thought we should be here today,” said former Vulcan Resident Jeff Cummings. Cummings, now residing in Edmonton, works for The Lung Association. “Leonard Nimoy has done so much with regards to raising awareness about COPD.

“We were really heartbroken when he passed away because he did so much after being diagnosed with COPD to raise awareness and prevention.

“We were really touched on a personal level and it really impacted us. One of my coworkers broke into tears when he heard of Nimoy’s passing. He was so talented and down to earth. To be here today to see just how much of an impact he has in the Town of Vulcan is truly amazing.”

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