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Yelchin Optimistic About Star Trek 3

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While doing press for his latest movie, 5 to 7, due out in the U.S. tomorrow, Anton Yelchin spoke briefly about Star Trek 3.

Star Trek 3 is Yelchin’s next project, but Yelchin hasn’t seen the script for the movie yet.

“No, I have not seen it,” he said. “They keep things pretty heavily under wraps but I’m very excited. It’s a good group of people. It’s good to see them. I’m fortunate now to have done it twice. It’ll be exciting to do it a third time.”

Yelchin has already met Justin Lin, and had a positive impression of the Star Trek 3 director. “I really like him,” said Yelchin. “I think he’s going to do something really interesting with the film. First of all, J.J. [Abrams] is brilliant in the way he makes decisions and I think it’s a big deal that he’s chosen Justin. I think that already says a lot about him. That’s how I felt before I met him, but having met him I think his ideas are really interesting. He has a way of looking at it that is going to both reinvigorate it and also relate it closer to the kind of ethos of the original series.”

“Lin is a different filmmaker so inevitably it is going to be a different approach,” said Yelchin. “Obviously I can’t talk about what kind of a film it’s going to be. We haven’t shot it yet, but I think it’s going to be a film that works with the other two and yet it’s its own thing.”

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17 thoughts on “Yelchin Optimistic About Star Trek 3

  1. Does Chekov make Admiral in this movie? I mean hell he went from Ensign to Chief Engineer in the last one, why not Admiral Starfleet?

  2. I hope we get a Klingon War in the next movie they gave hints about it in the last movie I would love to see what the Die hard trek fans say to that most likely they will complain and say that is not Star Trek.

  3. At least V is real Star Trek. I’m not sure what the hell the two with the Trek named slapped on them are, but they sure as hell ain’t Star Trek!

  4. Yes. Yes it can. But it will have to work very, very hard to be worse than Star Trek Into Colostomy.

  5. I to agree with Milo and bydefault on this. Star Trek V, for all its many, MANY flaws, was real Star Trek. As was Spock’s Brain, Catspaw, Spectre of the Gun, the “Retards in Space” episode of Next Generation, and every shitty episode of Voyager you ever turned off in disgust including the WWF guest star and that one where molecules were smaller than subatomic particles.
    The reason why is that it was true to the themes and the characters. In fact it focussed heavily on the characters, who behaved in character, even to the point of Kirk upbraiding Spock for never telling him he had a half-brother. I do find it interesting that it had an antagonist who was not a villain, just a fanatic, and a nonviolent one at that. He took over the Enterprise with scarcely a shot fired. I recall two gems in the turdpile, the first being the scene with Spock’s and McCoy’s deepest pain, and the other being the shuttlebay crash. And yes, finding god in a spaceship is very Star Trek; they found a lot of gods over the years, and like the one in V, every one turned out to be a poseur.
    That said, Trek 2009 was very true to the characters, and had a good handle on Trek themes and values. They just kind of dumped all that in the shitter for the next film. I’m cautiously optomistic for the next, since K&O (those knuckleheads) are not involved.

  6. There was a lot to like in JJTrek the first. JJTrek the second is like chlamydia. Even if you enjoyed it at the time you really don’t want to talk about it.

  7. Not for just that. Most of DS9’s run was the Dominion war and fans ate it up. I’d rather see a war than yet another hellbent would-be galaxy-conquering dickhead.

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