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Pegg: Shatner In Star Trek 3?

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In a recent interview while doing press for his latest film, Man Up, Simon Pegg answered a few questions about Star Trek 3.

The questions concerned the title of the movie, and William Shatner‘s appearance in Star Trek 3.

Asked directly about the title, which is said to be Star Trek Beyond, Pegg said, “I don’t know if it’s the title or not at the moment. That’s sort of playful.”

Pegg also spoke about Shatner, and the potential to see Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3. “William Shatner is an amazing actor and has such an incredible body of work which transcends just his time as Captain Kirk,” said Pegg.

“It’s always all about whether the story is right. There’s no point ‘crowbarring’ these things in as a gimmick because that does the story and the film a disservice.

“But I have no doubt in my mind that he could play Captain Kirk until the day he decides to go off into the final frontier.”

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21 thoughts on “Pegg: Shatner In Star Trek 3?

  1. Whatever they decide to call it, I’ll be there for the first showing. 😀

  2. Nice teaser headline that gets serious Trek-Americans all a-twitter but never really answers the question because there is no answer … yet. Truly, the curiosity needs of the many outweigh the truthful needs of the few.

  3. Since Justin Lin’s directing, it should be Star 3, followed by Trek 4.

  4. Even if he releases a 2 hour reel of a puddle of vomit and calls it “Star Trek: Keenser’s Hangover”?

  5. From what I hear the plot will involve the Enterprise running into Dwayne Johnson reprising his role of the Champion from Voyager, since Johnson is the go to guy in Hollywood when you want to revitalize your franchise. However in the new timeline after battling in the arena they then have to race in sports cars from the late twentieth century. While racing they also have to fight off zombies and lightsaber battles. The working title is currently Star Trek: In Name Only!

  6. I’m curious, do they intend to retire the Old Spock character now that Leonard Nimoy has passed away, as in officially write the character out (either through death or, I don’t know, maybe he finds a way to get back to his own timeline) or just not say anything and let the audience think the character is still alive on “New Vulcan”? There’s no way they would recast the Old Spock character (unless they put Quinto in old-age make-up . . .).

  7. Wow, what’s going on with the top of his head there? Next he’ll have a Quincy wig.

  8. What’s really fantastic here is that that isn’t going to happen, so I’m not giving it much thought. If it were to happen, somehow, by some divine fluke, then sure, I’d be less enthusiastic about it.

  9. My best guess is that they’ll delicately referencing Spock Prime’s passing. If they don’t do that then there’ll certainly be an “In Memory of” segment of some fashion.
    Recasting him won’t happen, haha.

  10. I was wondering the same thing, surely they will write old spock out some way or another. Maybe go with a forest gump style insert for a few seconds so he can send a distress signal moments before his ship is destroyed by klingons. That would be a great macguffin for the third installment, it would be interesting to see how leonard nimoy’s unfortunate passing is handled in the franchise. If they really insist about giving the priceline negotiator a role so he can relive his glory days as Captain flying butt stomp then they can do (groan) yet another time travel theme where, the older, Captain kirk, can reprise, his role, from the 1960s. I was really hoping a continuation from STID where klingons launch a military campaign on the federation after the better of the two kirks went to Kronos to apprehend kahn. Sorry to all the fans who are loyal to TOS, I really despise bill shat.

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