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Green Lantern Variant Covers

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The Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover comic series will debut this July, and there are multiple variant covers for this inaugural issue.

Good luck collecting them all though, as there are over a dozen different variant covers.

In Star Trek/Green Lantern #1: The Spectrum War, “the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Green Lantern Corps [embark] on an all-new adventure that spans the cosmos. As the story unfolds, Kirk and Spock make a most unusual discovery on a lost world, igniting events that will forever change the fates of two empires.”

Written by Mike Johnson, the comic features art by Angel Hernandez and a cover by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 is thirty-two pages in length, and will cost $3.99.

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10 thoughts on “Green Lantern Variant Covers

  1. I wonder if Saarek will feature in it? (anyone who buys it when I comes out I’m curious)

  2. All I can say is I won’t be one of them. I’m saving my money for the Casper/Star Trek crossover!

  3. I hope no one does so they finally stop this nonsense. Otherwise … coming soon: Trek/Grease and Trek/American Idol. ;(

  4. Why would he? The current storyline is the Enterprise on ‘The 5-Year Mission’, not revisiting Sarek & Co. on New Vulcan (which they did already a few issues ago.)

  5. I read them and think that they’re amazing-if you don’t want to read them, don’t do so.

  6. In theory, this sounds amazing, but the fact that the artists renditions are of Pine/Quinto……. Ugh.


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