June 13 2024


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Star Trek Mega Bloks

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Those attending the recent Licensing Expo in Las Vegas got to see some Trek-themed items courtesy of CBS.

The display featured half a century of Star Trek merchandising, and something new, a “first look” at Star Trek Mega Bloks construction toys.


The display with the Mega Bloks includes the USS Enterprise, and various figures. Other items in the display are different items of Trek merchandise.


The figures include all seven of the regular crew, Mirror Universe Kirk and Spock, an original series Klingon and what appears to be a transparent (transporting) figure.

To see all of the displays, head to the links located here and here. The second link includes many displays, not just the Trek ones, which are located about two-thirds of the way down the page.

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9 thoughts on “Star Trek Mega Bloks

  1. Much better than the Kre-O crapola but it looks like Scotty better tend to his “wee bairns” on the double.

  2. Lego didn’t snag the license, unfortunately. However Mega Bloks has been improving steadily.

  3. Oy, that sag! Kang hopes that is an assembly problem and not a horrible oversight by the design team. Aside from the always dodgy saucer edge, it looks pretty good.

  4. Still not LEGO. *sigh* Freaking Dr. Who gets an official LEGO set before Star Trek. Is it so hard for the license from CBS to align with LEGO? I’m telling you, both companies would make a ton of money if they marked it right.

  5. LOL – Proof positive that the Enterprise was never designed to be assembled in a gravity well! Excellent effort though. Orders of magnitude better than the almost unrecognizable tinker-toy abomination from the other week.

  6. Doctor Who LEGO sets? Blink blink…. ooooooooh kayyyyy.
    CBS/Paraquatmount went cheap and went for Mega Bloks, now they’ve got the rights for umpty-odd howevers.

  7. Hmm.
    I find it interesting that what appears to be Capaldi’s Doctor in the banner bears an awfully strong resemblance to Lord Business. Ten quatloos says they just recolor the hair.

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