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Stewart Enters Gay Cake Debate

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Sir Patrick Stewart was recently asked where he stands regarding the debate over whether bakeries should be compelled to make cakes for gay couples.

His answer comes as a surprise to those who are aware of his position on gay marriage, which he supports.

The Ashers Baking Company, located in Northern Ireland, recently lost a judgment and owners of the company, the McArthur family, was required to pay Β£500 to Gay Rights Activist Gareth Lee after refusing to make a cake for Lee with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage.”

Stewart was asked for his opinion on the matter during an interview for BBC‘s Newsnight show. “Who has the right there,” asked Evan Davis, presenter on the show. “The couple who say we want you to put ‘Yes to Gay Marriage’ on the cake, or the people who have to make the cake, who say we don’t want to put that on the cake?”

It’s a “deliciously difficult subject,” said Stewart. “It was not because this was a gay couple that they objected; it was not because they were going to be celebrating some kind of marriage or agreement between them. It was the actual words on the cake that they objected to, because they found them offensive.

“And I would support their right to say ‘no this is personally offensive to my beliefs; I will not do it’. But I feel bad for them, that it cost them Β£600 or whatever.”

The McArthur family has appealed the ruling.

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255 thoughts on “Stewart Enters Gay Cake Debate

  1. Coming from bigoted homophobic Christofacist morons like you, that’s a compliment and a badge of honor.

  2. The Christian fundies can either deal with society. or get lost. Their choice.

  3. More neocon caca trying to justify anti-GLBT bigotry, no doubt-passing on it.

    The federal laws in England and the USA exist to stop discrimination of one kind or another-if these businesses in the USA and UK can’t get that, then they need to be ‘Closed In Despair’ and others that are more tolerant and not bound to Christofacist bullshit can take over and provide the same services (sadly and usually, chains, although I don’t approve of that happening [the chains overpowering independent businesses, I mean.) As somebody said recently, theses are the same laws that were put in place to help minorities decades ago-would you be so objecting to those people?

  4. Only so that others can sweep it under the rug and have it dissapear, it seems.

    I’m sorry, but as a straight cis-gendered black male, I say ‘They’re here, they’re queer, get used to it!

  5. You asked for evidence, promptly rejected it, and responded with vulgarity. What you refuse to consider is that this is not a case of “helping minorities” and what you are demanding is not mere tolerance but forced participation by anyone and everyone in the promotion of your agenda.

    If you wish to continue to dialogue, please answer with a cogent response and not one laden with yet more vulgarities.

  6. Then stop trying to spew homophobia disguised as concern for ‘human rights’ (actually Christianity being able to be the wounded gull and treat people like shit while claiming it was being hurt and ‘persecuted’ ) in my face as ‘fact’. Continue to act like a fool, be treated as one.

  7. Oh sorry, it was probably not on The Daily Kos or MSDNC.
    How about CNN- http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/19/africa/libya-isis-executions-ethiopian-christians/
    or those extreme right-wingers at Newsweek: http://www.newsweek.com/2015/04/03/new-exodus-christians-flee-isis-middle-east-316785.html
    or the right-wing UK Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/15/middle-east-christians-islamic-persecution-iraq-war
    or the very right-wing Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/christian-persecution/
    Shall I continue or are your blinders that tightly ideologically blind?

  8. Human rights is not an agenda, but human rights. Learn the difference, or you can go and fuck yourself.

  9. You don’t know what that means, and yet, you want me to treat you seriously with these bullshit posts/links?

  10. Don’t want to be insulted, stop doing/saying the things that will get you insulted.

  11. I asked for something that could be used as evidence, and all I get is caca used to justify bigotry. Give me real info (not spin from Corporate News Network or Faux Noise, both of which I don’t trust), or don’t bother.

  12. I look forward to you putting that into practice for Christians. πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t watch MSNBC, sir, so stuff it. I get my info from different sources.

  14. Sabalom Glitz; a stupid moron who knows nothing except what comes out of his ass.

  15. Calling you a homophobe is being a zealot and immature? You’re losing it.

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