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Takei: Shatner Keeps Feud Going

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According to George Takei, William Shatner keeps their “feud” alive for his own purposes.

That purpose is getting extra publicity.

“It’s all coming from Bill,” said Takei, when asked about the years-long feud. “Whenever he needs a little publicity for a project, he pumps up the so-called controversy between us.”

According to Takei, Shatner used Takei’s wedding invitation (or alleged lack thereof) to attack Takei, so that Shatner could promote a new show. “Two months after my wedding, he went on YouTube and ranted and raved about our not sending him an invitation,” said Takei. “We had. If he had an issue, he could have easily just phoned us before the wedding, simple as that. But he didn’t. And the reason he raised that fuss two months later is because he was premiering his new talk show, Raw Nerve.

Shatner doesn’t play well with others, said Takei, dating all the way back to their days together on the original series. “It’s difficult working with someone who is not a team player,” said Takei. “The rest of the cast all understand what makes a scene work — it’s everybody contributing to it. But Bill is a wonderful actor, and he knows it, and he likes to have the camera on him all the time.”

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44 thoughts on “Takei: Shatner Keeps Feud Going

  1. “It’s all coming from Bill,” said Takei, when asked about the years-long feud. “Whenever he needs a little publicity for a project, he pumps up the so-called controversy between us.”

    Kind of like what you’re doing right now, Mr. Takei? Love these two but they’re both a little ridiculous at times.

  2. Exactly. I hear Takei talk more about Shatner than Shatner about him. Shatner has carved a career outside of Trek, Takei has complained about Shatner since Trek ended. Sour grapes?

  3. Oh, yes, dear Mr Takei, you have my fullest sympathy. Shatner is the poor lad who had no career at all after Star Trek and who is struggling to be noticed by the public. He even made up the story of being gay, which is so ridiculous. You on the other hand played the lead in TJ Hooker, Boston Legal and many more series … or did I get something wrong?
    For Heaven’s sake why can’t this site stop writing about Takei every time his brain farts?

  4. How disingenuous. I love Takei, but he needs to do the Shatner putdowns on almost every pr appearance. The hosts expect it.

  5. Takei is so full of crap. Between his idiotic pot shots at Shatner and his militant gay agenda, I’m really starting to get sick of him.

  6. This thing between Mr. Takei and MR Shatner starts to irritate by now. Both Mr. Takei and Mr. Shatner are both good actors. Only this whining lead nowhere. Let anyone be so wise to stop this feud between these two rivals so that the Star Trek fan base and audience no longer be bothered with it .

  7. I really like George and have seen him many times since my first Star Trek convention in 1984. Sadly though, in more recent times, he has become determined to use this “feud” with Bill to add some spice to his convention appearances. I saw him just recently in Melbourne, Australia and he spent at least 15 minutes of his one hour appearance talking about it … What disappointed me even more was his determination to point out that he and Leonard Nimoy were “dear friends”. As romantic a notion as it may be, the fact is that the seven people who were blessed with being the original principal cast of Star Trek were really just work colleagues who happened to get lucky and ended up spending more time together professionally over a 40 year period than most work colleagues in other professions. George’s fixation about what his role in Star Trek should have been, until recently, has prevented him from doing more professionally than he otherwise could have because he has come to be regarded as someone who opens his mouth before he engages his brain! This is a shame because, privately, he’s incredibly articulate, is socially aware and politically astute.

  8. Sometimes I think Shatner and Takei are really on friendly terms and both have cooked up this feud to get publicity for both their own selves.

    You’d think Andy Kauffman and Jerry Lawler despised each other back in the 80s when they were assaulting each other verbally and physically….but they were working together.

    Oh, and the last time I heard Takei on Howard Stern he was using Nimoy’s death to trash talk Shatner.

  9. You know, it could be that being an Asian actor in the U.S. film/TV industry is harder for a man like George than it is for a white man like Bill Shatner; have you ever considered that as the reason why?

  10. For Heaven’s sake why can’t this site stop writing about Takei every time his brain farts?

    Don’t like it? Don’t click on it.

  11. Very much agreed. Takei really needs to shut up and do something constructive for his remaining years instead of coming across as a bitter and twisted old queen. He’s fast becoming more objectionable than Shatner, and many of us will know that takes some doing.

  12. Takei’s never got over the suits’ rejection of his idea for a Captain Sulu show.

  13. Agreed. Can we ship George off to the Klingons? Richard Branson will dedicate a rocket to him. We can launch him into space and leave him.

  14. Kang liked the Captain Sulu idea also. It would have been good to have a movie-era show on the air. Alas, it was never to be.

  15. Did he. That is particularly low. Kang hates to ask, but is there a clip or a transcript somewhere? Kang would like to be certain before going into a homicidal frenzy.

  16. While this is true, it still doesn’t account for or justify the childish squalling. Kang knows Shatner can be a dick and a prima donna, but this is also true of Takei. Gods’ tits gentlemen, please grow the frak up.

  17. If you saw the page views, you wouldn’t have to ask. People eat this up, LOL.

  18. Right.
    Kang finds it telling that the rest of the cast, even Walter, even Nichelle, who reportedly had a damn good reason to hate Shatner’s guts, have made their peace and George seems hell-bent to take this to the grave.
    Gods’ smooth-shorn genitalia, George. Life is too damn short to spend it as a bitter old drama queen.

  19. Kang would gig you for click-bait, but this is news. It’s hit the major US outlets. If you didn’t post it everyone would cry, “Where’s our grumpy George Takei news? We wanna get our snark on!”

  20. Amen! Since he’s come out of the closet, he’s been so dirty. I had no idea he has such a foul mouth. Too bad, I used to like him too. I honestly hope Shatner is the last of the TOS cast to pass away. Not that he is perfect, but in his old age I like him better.

  21. When I’m sent stuff, I post about it. There are so many fan productions now that I can’t keep track of them. Some send stuff, some don’t.

  22. Lately, I’ve been checking the hits, just to see what articles resonate with fans and which don’t. The object being to try to provide things more of interest, of course (if it’s out there, which isn’t always the case).

    I was rather surprised to see how popular the article was. It’s true. People DO like snark. :p

  23. Do they have rainbow colored airplanes so that the enemy won’t see them coming and just think it’s a nice rainbow? Then they drop gold colored bombs and the enemy thinks it’s just gold and after they’ve been hit they can no longer think straight? 😛

  24. Interesting point. Previously, in days gone by, George had always presented a rather dignified, mature demeanor (aside from taking pot-shots at Shatner every chance he got). But yes, since coming out, he’s acted like a flamboyant, stereotypical queen, and been an enthusiastic part of Stern’s nasty, obnoxious crew. Kang doesn’t know if this is some previously concealed part of his personality that he’s letting loose, or if he’s just being that much of a whore for attention. Either way, it’s really hurt Kang’s opinion of and respect for George.
    (Another interesting observation is, Kang met George some years ago, and Kang’s very sensitive and accurate gaydar never even got a blip from George.)

  25. Hi Dusty, I think you’re right about the limited nature of roles. I don’t think western entertainment represents the multi-national diversity that exists within our society and that may feed into some of George’s comments. However, the entertainment industry appears to be very much a survival-of-the-fittest and I think that George’s comments have helped to keep up his profile for too long and out of proportion with any injustices he that he may have suffered as a result of Bill. The other thing to remember is that Bill and Leonard were the stars of the show and the movies. Their two characters (and to an extent De Kelley’s McCoy) are the main reason why the show has endured for so long. George was a supporting actor and it’s unrealistic for him to think that he should have been given the same attention as Bill. Like I said in my initial post, George has some great personal qualities that he keeps private (perhaps for a reason) and it would be great for people to see that he’s got more to him than someone who just complains about Bill all the time.

  26. I couldn’t find anything online, but I heard it (twice) while driving 500 miles from Louisiana to Tennessee.

    Takei used Nimoy’s death to insinuate Nimoy and Shatner didn’t like each other and that Shatner threw a hissy fit on set when TV Guide came to do a photo shoot of Nimoy’s makeup process.

  27. Takei said he wants dignity for gays, yet he goes on Stern to judge the most beautiful black penis contest and sings about being horny for a c*ck.

  28. Shatner did throw hissy fits. He’s been pretty candid about it. He was the named star and Nimoy was crowding his spotlight. They fought about it, fiercely and frequently. This is well known.
    What is also well known is that they were friends as well as rivals, and as the years progressed, that friendship became stronger. They both got over the things that happened in the past, and moved on.
    So did James Doohan.
    So did Nichelle Nichols.
    So even did Walter Koenig.
    So did everyone, apparently.
    Except George.
    George doesn’t seem to understand that even bitter enemies can become friends over ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years.
    For everything else in George’s life that’s changed over the years, his relationship with Shatner has been set in stone since 1967.
    Gods’ tits, George. No one’s asking you to like the man. Just grow up.

  29. Whenever I hear about this feud It’s only coming from Takei. Enough already George.

  30. Regarding the Shatner/Nimoy relationship, you just have to watch the end of Mind Meld to see how much they liked and cared about each other.

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