June 13 2024


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Nichelle Joins StarPower

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Nichelle Nichols is one of the founding celebrities and launch partners of StarPower, which raises funds for charity while helping to build closer relationships between fans and actors.

Through StarPower, Nicholas will be “hosting fan events, offering giveaways, signings, competitions, and more to fans that follow her through her StarPower account.”

“Nichelle Nichols is a woman of many historic firsts,” said Terri Hitchcock, CEO of StarPower. “She has broken boundaries throughout her entire career. From her role as the first African-American woman to play a non-stereotypical television lead, to her pioneering work in the space program, Nichelle has chosen to take on a new historic undertaking with the launch of StarPower. We’re truly honored that she’s chosen to join us.”

StarPower makes it possible to share with my fans in ways I’ve always wished I could do, said Nichols. “I’m excited to not only have a closer relationship with my fans than ever before, but to be doing it for my favorite causes.”

“I will be sharing tickets to events, original Star Trek memorabilia, one-on-one meetings, and more time online with all of you,” said Nichols. “As a VIP member, your subscription helps raise money for two causes near and dear to my heart.”

Nichols favorite charities include The Technology Access Foundation, which “works to aid and equip minority students for success in college and life,” and the Planetary Society, which “sponsors projects that will seed innovative space technologies, [and nurture] creative young minds.”

To learn more about StarPower, head to the link located here.

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4 thoughts on “Nichelle Joins StarPower

  1. I wonder if this is a step towards not doing conventions anymore. She really ought to be taking it easy these days.

  2. Yeah, on that last note, she should be winding down convention appearances after this recent mini-stroke.

  3. History shows us that many who completely retire soon pass. I wish Ms. Nichols a very long and active life!

  4. This is so true. I just worry – I saw her at a convention luncheon and she tripped over a bag and hit the floor. George Takei was pontificating on the other side of the room and never noticed. When she recovered that made her roll her eyes, but she should still lessen her workload a bit.

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