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Pegg: No Game Of Thrones

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Simon Pegg turned down a part in the popular Game of Thrones.

The actor did so because he’s a fan of the series.

“I’m a filmgoer as much as a film actor,” said Pegg. “Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to be in Game of Thrones, and I said ‘No’. The reason was because I love the show so much that I don’t want to see behind the curtain!”

Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig was a Trek actor who didn’t say “no” to a role on the hit series. Star Trek into DarknessJoseph Gatt has also appeared on the show.

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13 thoughts on “Pegg: No Game Of Thrones

  1. The wording leaves it a bit unclear if he was offered a part or was just fielding a hypothetical.

  2. > Simon Pegg turned down a part in the popular Game of Thrones.

    That seems to spell it out to me.

  3. Too busy writing his masterpiece script for the new Star Trek film.

  4. The source isn’t very clear either– it claims Pegg passed on a chance to be in Games of Thrones. However, what Pegg actually said is rather ambiguous and he never actually claimed to have been offered a part in the show.

  5. I do think there’s a difference between growing up with a show or movie franchise and becoming a fan of something that starts when you are an adult. It’s hard not to have absorbed all sorts of details as a fanboy kid about how Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who were made. It’s childhood wish fulfillment for Pegg to have been involved in all three. That’s different from Game of Thrones – it’s a new (mature) phenomenon which you can avoid seeing behind the scenes or knowing too much about the actors and filmmakers since there’s an air of secrecy in place anyway.
    I totally understand Pegg’s logic.

  6. So fandom is a zero-sum game? One cannot be a fan of series X if one is a fan of series Y?

  7. No, but the man says he won’t appear in series X because he’s a fan and doesn’t want to ruin it and yet has no issues being in series Y that by the way he’s never really claimed a fandom of. Like I said, based on the information at hand, it’s logical what Daniel stated.

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