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Pegg: Star Trek Beyond Scary

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For Simon Pegg, having the responsibility for writing Star Trek Beyond is “terrifying.”

The long history behind the franchise is part of the reason.

“You’re forced to bring into focus what [the Trek universe is] actually about,” said Pegg. “And it is a very human story, Star Trek. Writing for characters like Spock and Kirk, you’re aware that it’s literally fifty years of history there. You want to advance it, but at the same time you have to ground it in what’s come before.”

In its day, Star Trek worked contemporary issues into their stories, and according to Pegg, that comes naturally. “I don’t think you have to pay attention particularly [to contemporary social issues], because those things emerge subconsciously anyway,” he said. “Any expression of art always reflects the preoccupations and fears of the collective subconscious of the time.

“One reason Star Trek has become a phenomenon is that it’s an inclusive universe. It’s very idealistic, tolerant, super-integrated, albeit still led seemingly by white human beings! But the thrust of it, [Gene] Roddenberry‘s desire was to make this future world where the notion of integration wasn’t even an issue.”

“I want to make sure we keep doing that,” said Pegg, “and keep Roddenberry’s dream alive.”

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9 thoughts on “Pegg: Star Trek Beyond Scary

  1. He obviously didn’t care all that much when he first signed on as Scotty despite having read the script and delivered “that performance”, why would he start caring now that he’s on the writing team?

  2. Because he IS on the writing team, that’s why. If ST3 bombs, that could put a dent in Pegg’s career within the industry. I mean, look at NEM. That story was co-written by Brent Spiner, and his career hasn’t recovered from that.

  3. Pegg was much more high profile before this job then Spiner ever was. How many other movies had Spiner made? How many directed? Not really comparable IMO.

  4. Kang found watching Star Trek Into Frontal Lobotomy a particularly frightening experience. Kang never knew whether Kang would be asphyxiating from laughter or doubled over puking Kang’s guts out in disgust. Or both, which is never fun.

  5. Sure, the Fast & Furious guy is going to “keep Roddenberry’s dream alive.” More like keep his IP on life support as the studio continues to suck shekels out of it.

  6. Just like making an anti-Semitic joke is keeping Roddenberrys dream alive there Andy? Shekels? Really? Going there? Not really a place to start a positive conversation about the merits of a film none of us have ever seen. Sheesh.

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