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Shatner On Star Trek Beyond Rumors

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A fan at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con asked William Shatner if he would have a role in Star Trek Beyond.

Shatner did not say “yes” or “no” but the actor shared a story and left the audience to decide themselves whether he would or would not be in the movie.

In response to the question, Shatner told his story about being approached by J.J. Abrams to appear in Star Trek (2009), which didn’t pan out. Sworn to secrecy at the time, the vacationing Shatner was approached at the airport by a reporter who claimed to have details regarding the scene in which Shatner would be appearing.

Word got out that Shatner was to be in the movie, and Abrams called the actor, believing that he had spilled the beans. “This reporter knew more about it than I did,” said Shatner.

“So back to you my friend!” said Shatner to the Comic-Con fan. “What do you know? Am I in the next movie? Tell me!”

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6 thoughts on “Shatner On Star Trek Beyond Rumors

  1. Shatner still has a sharp mind at 84 being able to finesse the question he doesn’t want to address directly.
    Nimoy carried the first reboot movie on his shoulders giving it some sense of legitimacy and gravitas, but nothing could have helped the mess of the second movie’s turgid and trite storyline. Wouldn’t surprise me if the suits insisted on Shatner in the third film as some sort of “insurance” policy on their jobs (i.e. if the film bombs without him, then they’ll get blamed for not including him since Nimoy as the reboot’s crutch isn’t available anymore).

  2. Abrams Trek was so bad I actually attempt to forget Nimoy was even involved, the man just deserved better. I mean, any chance to see Nimoy play Spock should be an honor, but that movie was a joke and the sequel was even worse.

  3. The first one was pretty good. The second was an insult to filmmaking.

  4. Shatner says these things because just saying “No, I’m not in it” fifty times is never enough to appease the fandom hordes.

  5. The only insult is fans like you who couldn’t get the film being full of shit. But what else is new?

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