May 17 2024


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Shatner To Pen Book On Nimoy

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William Shatner is planning on writing a book about his friend Leonard Nimoy.

Shatner considered Nimoy to be a brother to him.

“I’m writing a book about Leonard,” said Shatner. “I had a brother, whose life arc was so much like mine that we understood each other completely. Our age, our birth, the same types of problems in our marriages – our careers arced in the same manner.

“We had a great deal in common, Leonard and I. And thusly we were able to understand each other. I’ve lost a dear friend.”

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7 thoughts on “Shatner To Pen Book On Nimoy

  1. Leonard Nimoy was very generous in his autobiography when talking about Bill Shatner; I hope Shatner will be equally as generous when writing about Mr. Nimoy.

  2. Shatner was a true friend. I think the book will be therapeutic for Shatner and give him and the fans a good way to mourn and remember Nimoy. Looking forward to reading the book and hearing more about their adventures.

  3. George Takei was on Howard Stern a few months back heavily implying the Shatner/Nimoy friendship was fake and for publicity only. He said he was closer to Nimoy than Shatner.

  4. Shatner has his fair share of problems but I’ve lost all respect for Takei ever since he got involved with Stern. What a shame. I used to think he was a hero. Now he comes across as nothing more than a bitter loser looking for publicity.

  5. Talking oneself up is one thing. Putting down others to do so is another thing altogether.
    That said, George Takei, at the ripe old age of seventy-eight, needs to grow the fuck up.

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