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Shatner: Live Long And Prosper Please

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William Shatner is asking fans to help pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy by sending a certain type of photo.

Shatner wants a photo of the fan making the “Live Long and Prosper” hand salute.

“I need everyone’s help,” said Shatner, via Twitter. “Take a selfie of you doing the LLAP sign and email the photo to NIMOYTribute@gmail.com.”

So be creative with your photo and help out Shatner.

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2 thoughts on “Shatner: Live Long And Prosper Please

  1. “Help pay tribute”.

    Coming from a guy who charges lots of money for this autograph at conventions he’s already handsomely paid to appear at, I have to ask: What does he get from this?

  2. Ah. Speaking of assholes?
    The answer to your question: http://www.trektoday.com/content/2015/08/shatner-nimoy-tribute/.
    He gets a donation to charity and a tribute to his friend from people around the world whose lives were touched by Leonard Nimoy.
    This may be foreign to you, but Shatner seems to have thought highly of his friend and wants to keep his memory alive. Sharing memories of someone who has departed is also an important thing to a lot of people.
    Not to mention; Shatner does a great deal of charity work. Apparently in that arena the gratitude and the sense of helping others is all he needs. Call it a productive ego boost.
    This is why if Kang wanted his autograph, Kang would have paid it. Since Kang did not want his autograph, Kang was content to thank Mr. Shatner for all the good things he has brought to Kang’s life, and let the rest go.

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