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Stewart: Class in America

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Much to his dismay, Sir Patrick Stewart experienced classism in the United States.

The actor did not expect to find this when he arrived in the US in the 1980s.

“I expected to be living in a classless society in which status was of no significance,” said the actor, who said that class was “such an essential part” of British life.

“I quickly found that being in a syndicated science-fiction television show had put me way down that hierarchical ladder.”

With all of his success though, beginning with Star Trek: The Next Generation and continuing with the X-Men franchise, it’s probable that Stewart is at least on a higher rung of the class ladder these days.

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8 thoughts on “Stewart: Class in America

  1. Taken by itself, without *any* context whatsoever, this article is about as random as can be.

    Could’ve at least added a line saying this was from a recent interview. Are you actually trying to increase traffic to the original source?

  2. What a telling comment : “I expected to be in a classless society” and “I was at the bottom of the ladder”!
    He was from a different world in more ways than one!
    In the U.K. EVERYTHING is about your status in the SOCIAL structure, not financial/fame. As an old thespian, he ranked higher than a movie actor.
    In the USA – it is all about financial/fame.
    What is funny is that he was so clueless as to the real world.
    He does seem like a nice fellow, though…….

  3. I hope you didn’t misread my intent, I did find the tidbit interesting (thanks, and keep them coming), it’s just that without going to the actual article from The Mirror, I might as well have made the assumption that this was a quote from an interview he did 10 years ago. Again, the key here is the total lack of context.

    These (blog?) entries live on forever, so it’s important to frame these things appropriately.

  4. Stewart shouldn’t complain too much: He has a knighthood, fame, wealth… Prior to TNG, no one in America knew his name. “Me thinks he doth protest too much.”

  5. “No meat in that sandwich at all” . . .I’m sure there is when Sir Ian McKellen’s around.

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