May 29 2024


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Trek Fans Line Up In Dubai

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Miranda Davidson Studios found a sizeable crowd outside their doors yesterday waiting to audition for Star Trek Beyond.

The people were responding to an open casting call, which sought extras from age six to age seventy.

“Earlier in the year, we learned that ‘Washington’ was the code name for the production, as seen on some signs in Vancouver, where the movie had also filmed,” said local reporter Marwa Harwad, who went through the casting process herself. “Sure enough, signs around Dubai Studio City, Soundstage B, declared a ‘Washington casting’ was taking place, all but confirming our suspicions. A strict no-photo, no-video policy was in place, and enforced.

“Someone walks in with a little whiteboard with my name and phone number on it. I’m led into a cramped room where a singular studio light is aimed towards a blank wall, and a really kind and encouraging woman is taking photographs. I stand tall in the glare of the spotlight and smile. I’m told to show my teeth, even though I look cuter with my mouth shut.

After a couple more profile shots, I’m asked to take off my shoes and go next door for measurements. As they measure me from head-to-toe, my mind is whirring with possibilities of what I would be wearing for this potential extra role. An alien costume? A metallic leotard? A high-tech robot suit?

They took all the standard measurements — height, shoulders, crown, bust, waist, sleeve inseam. But intriguingly, they also measured my ‘glove’, or the space between my wrist and the tip of my middle finger, and my ring finger. (Was Idris Elba going to propose to me? Or was this a sign that the extras would have to wear some sort of full armor?)

At the end of it all, they put me in a couple of blazers to see which one fell right on my shoulders, jotted down my shoe size, and sent me on my way.”

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