June 19 2024


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Adam Nimoy To Appear On BBT

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Adam Nimoy, son of Leonard Nimoy, will be appearing on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

The episode, titled The Spock Resonance, “will see Sheldon Cooper interviewed by Adam about his father’s life.” While being interviewed, “Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions about his recent break-up with Amy, despite his overwhelming excitement for the sci-fi subject matter.”

Wil Wheaton will also be in the episode.

The Spock Resonance will air November 5 in the US (CBS), and later in the UK.

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4 thoughts on “Adam Nimoy To Appear On BBT

  1. I just hope they don’t repeat their mistake from the episode with James Earl Jones – such a great guest star, and they only let him interact with Sheldon. I think the others deserved to have a few scenes with him as well. It was too much Sheldon.

  2. Maybe Adam will try to give his directing career a boost. His appearance on the show will certainly raise his profile in Hollywood.

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