June 12 2024


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New Star Trek Beyond Pictures

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More pictures have emerged from the Star Trek Beyond set.

The pictures come courtesy of TMZ.

According to TMZ, the pictures were taken at the Pitt River Quarries outside of Vancouver, and feature “alien planet scenes” and the interior of the Enterprise, which “sustains serious damage in a battle.”

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7 thoughts on “New Star Trek Beyond Pictures

  1. Well at least they haven’t destroyed it like in TOS movies? Some battle damage etc. is good for the drama!

  2. Things we care about have to be put in jeopardy in order for drama to happen, but there are SO many other kinds of jeopardy they could be using; they already did substantial damage to the ship in the last movie. I find potential damage to relationships or to a person’s self-image to be a lot more interesting than physical damage, but I guess that doesn’t come with big, splashy visuals…

  3. I theorize that like their attempt to mimick the “Khan” concept for the second movie, they may try to mimick the whole “destroying the Enterprisen notion for the third, since it was in Star Trek III that they destroyed the original enterprise. We shall see I suppose.

  4. Oh look, you can almost make out M’Sharak being a repulsive, obnoxious bully on the forums and lording it over everyone as if mod powers meant his opinions had more value. If you squint, anyway.

  5. An Enterpise has never been used by a crew in more than three movies. The closing moments of 4 having the A don’t count. The writers of the first JJ Abrams trek wanted to destroy the ship, so the idea has been floating around. I seriously doubt they want to squander the chance to have a different look in the next movie, so unless they plan a refit of some sort to be rather dramatic, then I expect the ship to be more or less lost. Whether it’s a full detonation like Kirk’s ship or a fragmenting like Picard’s, I don’t have a guess. As for what garak says below though, no, I dont think anyone is trying to find ways to make Star Trek 13 reminiscent of Star Trek 3. The loss of the ship in both movies could be seen as a coincidence, but really it’s just two different teams reaching the same predictable conclusion that changing up the ship would be appealing to many viewers.nnThis raises the question of course of what ship will be next if they do destroy the current one. There’s intentionally so little resemblance between the universes now, that even an Excelsior class ship would undoubtedly be heavily reimagined. Also, I wonder if they really want to have another “alternate” famous ship in the vein of an alternate Excelsior class Enterprise. A more remarkable reinvention seems plausible, but I’d be shocked if they wandered away from the marketability of the generally recognizable silhouette shape of saucer in front of upward nacelles.

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