June 19 2024


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Star Trek Beyond Videos And Photos

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More images and a few videos have emerged from the Dubai shoot of Star Trek Beyond.


In one of the videos, seen here, people are running around in the vicinity of the crashed part of a starship.

Another video, seen here, features a different shot of that scene, with many more people running around.


A third video can be seen here.

Several Vulcans also are on scene, and plenty of Starfleet personnel in uniform can be seen, including some new versions Starfleet uniform. There are even exotic plants.



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8 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Videos And Photos

  1. It would be easy to assume it’s footage from Into Darkness rather than the new film. Assuming it’s not new flashback material to depict events from that film from a different angle. A lot of gray and glass. Plus another urban crashed ship?n Interesting from a film production perspective. Underwhelmingly uninspired as far as new Trek Ideas or production design appears to be concerned.

  2. Yeah, more of the same it seems. Pegg and Lin are NOT an encouraging duo to have in charge.

  3. I would encourage you to revisit this topic after you see the movie either to receive your congratulations or give your mea culpa. We hear back from so few for the latter.

  4. What’s the point of spending all that cash to film in Dubai when you’re going to put up an enormous green screen. This could have been shot in SoCal or Vancouver and saved a bundle. One would think Paramount has money to blow away but their recent poor earnings statements says otherwise. nIn any case, these shots look like more of the same old, same old like the last two films taking place primarily on Earth. JJ took the Trek out of the Stars.

  5. “We hear back from so few for the latter.”nnSounds to me like someone isn’t paying much attention. Two times the fans have been set up and two times the fans have been let down by these reboot films. How many more times are we suppose to give them the benefit of the doubt? I’m kind of tired. Let’s stop the pretense and just agree (or agree to disagree) that these films suck and move on.

  6. Going to Dubai does seem like a bit much. However, are you aware of tax laws for shooting commercially in LA County? I looked into it recently and was amazed at how much it costs. No wonder so many films are leaving LA.

  7. Hope springs eternal. I don’t think it is fair to condemn the film on the basis of blurry photos of sets. JWPlatt is right: see the film and then critique.

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