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Two New Official Starships Collection Ships

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Two ships from the Official Starships Collection will make their debut this December.

The ships include a Federation Norway class ship, and a Voth research vessel.

The twenty-fourth century Norway class ship was seen in Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and in Star Trek: First Contact.


The Voth research vessel was used by the Voth in the late twenty-fourth century, and featured transwarp drive. One was seen in Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Origin.

Each ship will sell for $21.00 each, although both can be pre-ordered now from for $16.80 each.

To order the ships, go here for the Norway class ship, and here for the Voth research vessel.

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  1. Small correction. The Norway class, unlike the other new ships seen in First Contact, only appeared in the film. It’s a notable entry to the STOSC as the ship had to be recreated from scratch. nnThe Steamrunner, Sabre and Akira designs were all seen in DS9. The Akira also made an appearance in the Voyager episode Message In A Bottle.

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