July 21 2024


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Star Trek Beyond Trailer?

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A Twitter post by Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin led to a fan asking him a question about a possible trailer for the movie, due out next year.

“Pulling an all-nighter at the cutting room and hooked on Bruce Tea,” said Lin, posting a picture that included the bottled tea and a Vulcan elf.

“Omg, trailer soon?” asked Twitter user Ryan Pominville.

“Soon!” replied Lin.

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10 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Trailer?

  1. I sincerely hope they begin the five year mission and get out to deep space.nnI think, nu-trek hater or not, we’re all sick of the earth-based premise at this point.

  2. My guess is they’re rushing out the trailer to get it in theatres in time for Star Wars TFA… only a few weeks away. It’s only logical. The force is strong in Justin Lin.

  3. You’re absolutely right! Perhaps he’s going to rename the film as ‘Star Trek: The Voyage Gnome’!

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  5. Totally agree. Beginning on earth fine for the first nu-trek to establish a foundation for the characters. But it’s time to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.

  6. Usually, trailers before a movie are from other “projects” from the same production company (example: Paramount). So the trailers before Star Wars: The Force Awakens will probably be upcoming Dinsey movies, not one from Paramount studios. My guess that you would need to see another movie soon to be out from Paramount that will have the Beyond trailer in it.

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