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Beyond Ignores Some Darkness

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Fans who didn’t like certain story elements from Star Trek into Darkness, fear not, they’re being ignored in Star Trek Beyond, according to Director Justin Lin.

Those who didn’t like the “magic blood” and “interstellar beaming” will be glad to hear that they are not part of the movie even if they are still part of Star Trek canon.

Simon [Pegg] and Doug [Jung] and I have spent some time on that,” said Lin. “Star Trek has been around for fifty years, and every filmmaker that comes on has a different point of view, and it’s a universe that can support many points of view and journeys and adventures. I embraced what J.J. has brought – without him this whole group wouldn’t be together – so I’m definitely very appreciative of him. At the same time, do we address it? No, but we don’t discount it. We don’t sit there and say it doesn’t exist, it’s part of this universe now.”

What about Carol Marcus? Will she be part of Star Trek Beyond? “We pick the crew up about two and a half years after Into Darkness,” explained Lin. “There were many iterations where we did go and explore [Carol Marcus], but we figured it was two and a half years…It was something we talked about and worked on, but in the presentation of this film it didn’t quite fit in. It’s there with the transporter and everything.”

And what about the Spock/Uhura romance? “What we’re doing is appropriate to the two and a half years,” said Lin. “It’s a continuation in a way, and I don’t want to ignore things and act as if they don’t exist, so there’s an acknowledgement and I think their relationship is consistent to the way it was before.”

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15 thoughts on “Beyond Ignores Some Darkness

  1. I truly hope the “motocross” stunts end up ignored, edited out of the film, and included in a gag reel or exclusive bonus disc somewhere. I’m not paying to watch NuKirk “jump the shark” on the big screen.

  2. I can’t wait to hear the explanation (if he is not in it) of why Shatner once again is not in it. If he isn’t then Orci’s script was much better because his incorporated Nimoy and Shatner. Since Nimoy is not here anymore to fufill that roll, Shatner is still here and still give a reference of memorial or something to NimoySpock and still be a huge contributor to the story. This is to be a 50th Anniversary film for goodness sakes, you just cannot ignore them.

  3. Sounds like they’re willing to pay attention to what came before only in ways that suit the script. No surprise, given what they’ve already delivered. And then this gem:nn> And what about the Spock/Uhura romance?nnI’d put money on Spock/Uhura having a kid together before this franchise is rebooted once again.nnThey can do whatever the f*ck they want at this point as far as I’m concerned. Star Trek is dead, and it’s too bad it didn’t survive to see its 50th anniversary.

  4. Trek Core has an article that includes this quote from Justin Lin: nn“Itu2019s a big part — if you think of how in this timeline how Kirk engaged and joined Starfleet, and then youu2019re going in on a five-year journey, youu2019re two-and-a-half years into it, I think some existential issues are gonna, itu2019s gonna very obviously gonna pop up.nnI think, if I was in his shoes, I would have those and I think we do try to kind of answer, and I think that was one of the challenges. […] It is about why is Kirk doing what heu2019s doing. We assume, when we watch it on the TV show, that thatu2019s just something he did, but I wanna know why, and are you going to continue? Are you going tou2026whatu2019s the reason? Why do you do what you do?nnGreat, you can go out and talk about how great The Federation is and be a partu2026whatever. But why are you part of it?”nnThat sounds to me like there’s some serious thought going into the characters, which I’m glad to see!nnThere’s also this, again from Justin Lin: nnWhat would happen if you go on a five year journey and youu2019re trying to not only explore but also maybe introduce other people to your way of thinking?nnWhat would that mean? What are the consequences of that? Youu2019re spreading a philosophy that you think is great – are there going to be any philosophies that counter you? That was something I thought about since I was a kid, and we got to explore that.”nnnIt’s still possible that this will be a Dumb Action Flick, but the interview with Lin is reassuring and suggests that someone has given considerable thought to character, philosophy, and theme, so the movie might NOT be only explosions and crap.

  5. I agree. I read the Justin Lin interview where he said “When I saw the teaser, Iu2019m like, aw shit. You really have to put the motorcycle in there? So I get it, I get it, I get it.” Meaning two things: (1) he didn’t cut the trailer and (2) he feels similarly to what we do in some way. I’m suddenly feeling more optimistic!

  6. Maybe.. Just M-A-Y-B-E….They are looking to make a movie to replace Star Trek V: The Final Frontier as the worst Star Trek Movie (I know some people concider Star Trek The Motion Picture as the worst)..

  7. Yes, no good blaming nu-trek. At least a young reckless Kirk is more likely to be jumping on a motorbike than a 74 year old Picard going for a completel out of character away team, let alone a joy-ride.

  8. STID is worse than 1 and 5. nnnSTXI was quite good though, especially through modern eyes. nnnTime will tell for this one.

  9. I expect a reference to NimoySpock will be in. If Orci included Shatner then it would have been terrible. nnI’d like to see Shatner in this one as a 50th anniversary, even if it’s just as a DrWho Day-of-the-doctor Tom Baker style cameo. I’d like to see Frakes or Dorn in the new 2017 series, as that’s the 30th anniversary of TNG.

  10. Why is Spock/Uhura bad (aside from the stupid fight in STID). Was Troi/Riker bad? Was Kira/Odo bad?

  11. At least young Kirk has a history of riding motorcycles. It’s one of the first things we saw him do in ’09. (and the very first thing we saw him do was take a car for a reckless, stunt-filled joy-ride). So it’s not *totally* out of left field.

  12. The director’s cut of 1 was ok, but nothing – NOTHING – could be worse than 5.nnnID was ok until that scene. I still wish they’d just had the villain be one of the other 72 augments. If they wanted to give us fan service it would’ve been much better if they’d just let the camera briefly (like a second or two) pan over a digital recreation of Montalban’s Kahn sleeping peacefully in one of the tubes.

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