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Mulgrew On New Trek Series And Work Balance

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Kate Mulgrew has some thoughts on what fans should see regarding the casting in the new Star Trek series, set to air in 2017, and on balancing work and personal life.

Mulgrew is in favor of diversity, but also curious as to the sex of the next Star Trek captain. “There has not been an LGBT Captain,” she said. “There are an infinity of things they haven’t had. But I’ll be curious to see if they choose a man or a woman. I think I wouldn’t mind a bit if I — well, I’m not even going to tell you that, that’s selfish. I’m eating my words, eating them! It’s just kind of nice being the only female Captain to date.”

The actress hopes that the next actor or actress to take on the role has an easier time balancing both a personal and a professional life, something that she found to be difficult during her time as Janeway. “I had two little children at home, so I was in a constant state of conflict,” she said. “How do I get to them? What’s going on? How do I assuage their fears? How do I balance all of this? I need to be as every good a mother as I am an actress. It was very difficult.

“I played Captain Janeway in the era that had not resolved the conflicts surrounding mothers and work.”

Mulgrew believes that it’s easier to find that balance today, but there is still room for improvement. “It’s a new day in television,” she said. “It’s slow-going. I’m not gonna be foolish about it. It’s still a boy’s club. But this must change, out of necessity.”

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18 thoughts on “Mulgrew On New Trek Series And Work Balance

  1. They don’t need an “LGBT captain” or any other “LGBT” character. That’s the last thing Trek needs. Im sure they developed a pill by the 23rd century. But of course if they don’t have a character representing every single type of person someone somewhere will run to Twitter and complain. It’s inevitable. I never understood this idea that the only way to enjoy a movie or series is if there is at least one person in it like oneself. Makes no sense.

  2. “Developed a pill” to do what? Cure gay? Rather than being “the last thing Trek needs”, seeing same sex relationships should just be treated as normal. By the 23rd/24th century it should be so commonplace it’s a nonissue. 20th century bigoted attitudes need to be thrown out of the nearest airlock.

  3. You are right on target. I don’t think they will do an LGBT captain,not that I wouldn’t like that, but I do hope that they will have an LGBT character.

  4. Politics aside, there are many groups that are heavily invested, for all kinds of reasons, in determining the why — physically and otherwise — one person is gay and another person is not. It would not be surprising in the least if one or more of those groups, over the next few centuries, was able to identify the factors at work, and even develop a means to alter them. Now, whether or not those alterations would be considered moral once they’re made available, or even legal, is a different matter. I’d like to think, by the time Star Trek’s time comes around, sexuality will be accepted as just another beautiful and natural trait, like different colors for eyes or skin.

  5. Actually in a TOS episode, they developed a cure for mental illness. So, from that time on there should not be anymore gays.

  6. The first wasn’t homosexulity per say. Kind of hard to compare humans to trill and either way, they both figured out it was wrong by episodes end.nnThe second one was just crappy fashion sense from the 1980s. Nothing more.

  7. A very openly liberal actor is wanting to see a gay character on Star Trek. And this is news why?

  8. No because in the future we will spend our time curing cancer and AIDS over ‘curing’ something that isn’t curable.

  9. The reason they didn’t get together was because trills were not OK with a joined trill being in a romantic relationship with a trill that one of there previous hosts was in a romantic relationship with. If I remember correctly the punishment was being exiled from the trill home world. Dax still wanted to be with Lenara but Lenara just wasn’t up to breaking the rules. nI was born in 1995…..did men wear dresses in the 80’s?

  10. Picard was Gay, or maybe he was just british… Maybe by that century they could cure political correctness, it seems to be a disease here. Or even better they can creat an injection to suppress sexual craving all together and make it only for making offspring. That would cure the who thing wouldnt it? What the hell is a LGBT? Lesbian Girl with Big Tits? Isnt Ms Mulgrew on a show with those now?

  11. Firstly, I didn’t write one word about finding ways to “cure” anything. Secondly, who knows what medical science will allow in the future? Women with small breasts today don’t need “curing” but there’s a whole segment of the medical profession devoted to making them bigger (to say nothing of other useless cosmetic changes). It may be deplorable to make alterations of any kind to what you’re born with, but nonetheless, it’s happening. And it will happen so long as there is some kind of gain to be had (whether financial, religious, or other). Is it right? Is it moral? Should be be allowable? Those are different questions. But the science involved will be understood, regardless of the answers.

  12. I think you might be being sarcastic about the LGBT but…n-Lesbiann-gayn-bisexualn-transgendernThere is also LGBTQnqueernI think an F should be put in for gender fluid.

  13. Why would anyone give themselves a name that could be reduced them to just that? I really hate when shows go too far to appease any group. In most cities the number of same sex couples are nowhere near the number that is shown in some tv shows or movies. Its almost like they are trying too hard to have the couples on their show, I understand that some cities there are higher numbers of Same sex couples but I have yet to see a city that is 75% same sex like some shows display. I watched a series the other day and had to turn it off because 8 of the 10 couples on the show were same sex, it blew the reality of the show for me. The other thing it showed was outrageous displays of affection in public. I spent a large part of my career observing people in public and a big part of that was observing for human Behavioral studies, people just are not that open in public as one would be lead to believe by these shows. I dont really care for seeing it, Hetero or Homo because I think it is something that is private, its not because I’m a prude, quite the opposite, it just makes you vulnerable in a public place and I would feel uncomfortable being intimate in front of other peoples children. As far as Gender fluids, I dont think you should spill your gender fluid anywhere in public either.

  14. Gender fluid means that a persons gender identity is constantly changing. Sometimes they consider them selves a woman and sometimes a man. Some people consider them selves neither a man nor a woman but a different gender all together. Gender identity is very complicated.

  15. I agree with Kate, It is time for a gay character in Star Trek. Star Trek is about humanity transcending race, sexuality, gender, difference. Accepting different races and people. Accepting a gay character on the series will be a good thing for the franchise. Gene would have definitely created a gay character as the character would fit perfectly into his vision of the future where everyone is accepted. nI dont think a gay captain would be a good idea, but the first officer who is gay would be perfect. Someone on the bridge and who has authority on board ship would be perfect, it will show that it doesn’t matter your sexuality, you can get high up in the chain of command.

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