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Star Trek Actors: About Star Trek Beyond

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Some of the Star Trek Beyond actors had comments about the movie after the teaser trailer came out.

Chris Pine explained how Star Trek Beyond is different than its two predecessors. “The first film was about establishing the characters,” he said. “The second film was about taking it into a darker place, which was the in-vogue thing circa the Batman/Dark Knight era.

“For us Beyond is re-establishing — especially in the fiftieth anniversary of the Enterprise — of the world of Star Trek, re-establishing why Star Trek is uniquely its own beast. It’s funny; it’s got a total sense of humor.”

But yes, there will be action, promised Pine. “I can definitively say [Star Trek: Beyond] has the most action out of any one we’ve done so far,” he said. “People who like summer blockbusters and like shit blowing up will like this.”

Zoe Saldana‘s comment was about the cloud of ships that attack the Enterprise as seen in the recently-released trailer. “The Swarm is what we’re calling it,” she said. “it’s all these little ships moving in synchronicity like a school of fish in the ocean.”

Zachary Quinto explained the pairings seen in the trailer. “Circumstances dictate that we’re not all in this together,” he said. “We have to divide in order to conquer. We’re off in unconventional pairings; there’s a real sense of scrambling to defeat our common enemy.”

Simon Pegg cautioned Trek fans not to get too attached to the main characters. “This is a different reality, you know,” he said. “Just because [Shatner‘s] Kirk and those guys lived until they were in their seventies, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this universe. All bets are off. We’ve started again. It’s nice to have that element of unpredictability.”

[But TrekToday will have to have words with Pegg if they kill off the splendid McCoy.]

Finally, Sofia Boutella‘s character has a name, it’s Jaylah.

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12 thoughts on “Star Trek Actors: About Star Trek Beyond

  1. “…not to get too attached to the main characters”, eh?nnHe’s made “Trek of Thrones”, has he? Is there a Lt. Cmdr. Stark on board, per chance?nnInteresting idea… Go on…

  2. As long there is something from the TOS and not just a mention but a real cameo that contributes to the story like having Shatner in there doing his part since Nimoy isn’t here to do his, I’ll see it. I mean this is a 50th Anniversary film for goodness sakes – to mean something to the celebration you need to have Shatner. I never got to read Orci’s script of course but he had Shatner and Nimoy in it so the story cannot be that bad to incorporate such icons in a new story. I’ll only see it if Shatner is in it in a meaningful role.

  3. > People who like summer blockbusters and like shit blowing up will like thisnnAnd there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Thank you, Chris Pine, for doing a much better job summarizing NuTrek than I’ve been able to do myself since Trek 2009.nnI’m hanging on to this quote. I just wish there was a video version of it.

  4. Karl Urban’s McCoy is the one and only NuTrek character that I would be upset to see killed off.

  5. Amazing that they had to do damage control for a trailer that was supposed to excite people.

  6. They did damage control to avoid having TOS fans from canceling ALL treks for the next 20 years or so, before even seeing it.nnThey should just release the film without taking me or any other ST fan into consideration; I want Star Trek in movies even if its not like my original Star Trek.nnBut don’t get me wrong I will not tolerate anything other then true Star Trek coming from CBS…

  7. Well Mr Pegg, that’s a very stupid comment. Action for the sake of action, is sheer crap. We are very attached to the characters that’s why it’s Star Trek, and not the power rangers. The statement of the actors so far is absolute garbage. Mt Pegg can take is comment ans shove it somewhere.

  8. The very fact the cast are coming out to try and muster interest in Beyond is to me, a sure fire sign of a couple of things… A) The film has problems B) The trailer was crapnI have little faith left in Star Trek especially in the re-imagined universe, although it pains me to have to accept that we are at least getting Trek on a screen at least, but the mixed reaction to the Beyond trailer and the cast stumbling over themselves to try and rescue it makes the whole thing laughable. Summer blockbusters do NOT have to be about blowing shit up, a little bit of shit blowing up is okay, but intelligent blockbusters can exist, as Christopher Nolan proved with the Batman trilogy and also Inception. Its time we had a proper and decent Star Trek film which imbues all that was good from the television series and a few of the better films and ties them up in a nice, neat 50th anniversary package. At the moment it simply look like to me that Mr Pegg and Mr Lin will go down in Trekdom as the men who finally killed off Star Trek….

  9. Thank you Mr Pine! He’s been honest to discretely say this will simply be more of the same crap as before. Shame on you Mr Pegg!nMsn Saldana’s comments make me think the story is a partial plagerisation nof ST Voyager’s The Swarm. Laugh, cry, bang head on desk? Too late for nany of that. Now Star Wars has been a hit (again) no one is going to ncare! On either side of the camera.

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