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Shatner: Being Honest About Nimoy

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In writing Leonard – My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man, William Shatner had to face up to things about the friendship that were uncomfortable for the actor.

One of these things was losing touch with Leonard Nimoy a few years ago. “It was very difficult [to write about it],” said Shatner. “I played with the idea of not sharing at all. But the story isn’t complete until I talk about the tragedy of our losing touch.”

While researching to write the book, Shatner realized that he didn’t know as much about Nimoy’s work other than during the Star Trek years. “I sort of feel badly that I hadn’t looked into his pre-Star Trek accomplishments and post-Star Trek accomplishments,” said Shatner. “You know, we have our busy lives. You see somebody and you have dinner and you talk, but you haven’t really fully examined some aspect of that other person’s work. There are subjects you don’t necessarily go to in a conversation. It’s the details that I never got a hold of, that I wish I had while Leonard was alive.”

If Nimoy could read Shatner’s book, Shatner believes that the actor would “be embarrassed” by the praise from Shatner. “I think he’d be embarrassed by the attention I brought to some of his excellences,” said Nimoy. “Everything that I have done in connection with Leonard and Leonard’s family, it has always been done out of love. If I have made mistakes, if I have said or done something, it was inadvertent and I couldn’t have meant any harm because I have always loved Leonard and his family.”

Leonard – My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man goes on sale next week.

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