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Sirtis: Troi And Life Post Trek

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The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis phoned in to the MZNOW radio show where she spoke about a range of topics, including aging and finding a job after The Next Generation ended.

The actress is currently content with life and while she wouldn’t mind being as slim as she was in the Next Generation days, she doesn’t yearn for the past. “I look good,” she said. “I feel good. I like who I am.”

Never overly-confident, when The Next Generation wrapped, Sirtis wondered what would come next. “I hadn’t auditioned for anything in seven years,” she said. “Basically come the hiatus every summer, I would go on vacation. I really thought I couldn’t [audition] anymore. I’ve only played one character in seven years. Can I do anything else?”

Sirtis has worked steadily since the Next Generation days and she also attends conventions, which she enjoys immensely. She is often asked at those conventions about playing Deanna Troi and she admits that Troi was very different personality-wise than Sirtis herself. “I loved playing her,” said Sirtis. “I’m nothing like her. It was a real challenge to play that part. And as an actor, really, that’s what draws you to a part is the challenge of playing that part. And so for me the biggest challenge of playing Deanna Troi was pretty much keeping Marina out of her and making her true to who she was.”

Would she ever play Troi again if the opportunity arose? “It would be interesting to me to go back now, twenty years later and kind of go ‘who did she become? Who is she now?’ I would find that very interesting and I would love to do that.”

To listen to the show, head to the link located here.

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