May 29 2024


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Star Trek Beyond To Appear On Barco Escape

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Fans of panoramic films will be happy to hear that Star Trek Beyond will be shown in a special Barco Escape film version.

Barco Escape is a fairly new process, a “theatrical system aimed at immersing viewers in the experience with three screens stitched together across the front and side walls of a theater.”

“When you’re on the bridge of the Enterprise, you might see additional coverage of the bridge,” said Ben Rosenblatt, Bad Robot producer and head of visual effects. “Or you might see the Enterprise coming across the screen — and maybe you’ll see more and the attacking forces. There are new ships and antagonists that are well suited to the expanded image.”

For the Barco Escape version of the film, Rosenblatt explained, Star Trek Beyond will be remastered with “at least twenty minutes, hopefully more” of the movie expanding for the new version.

Justin Lin‘s Star Trek Beyond is an epic adventure — truly larger than life,” said J.J. Abrams. “It is especially fitting, then, that we are partnering with Barco to provide an ultra wide-screen immersive experience using their unique Barco Escape format. This premium format dramatically expands the width of the viewing plane, giving filmmakers an innovative new tool with which to tell stories and audiences an enhanced new way to experience cinema.”

“We’re very interested in emerging technologies and new formats that offer innovation in the theatrical experience,” said Rosenblatt. “We love seeing movies in a theatrical environment. When someone is trying something new that could help the theatrical experience, we want to support it. And Barco Escape is the latest example of something that could transform the way we think about going to the movies in a theater.”

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