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Saldana: Relationships Will Be Tested

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According to Zoë Saldana, in Star Trek Beyond, relationships will be tested and not just the Uhura-Spock relationship.

Speaking about the Uhura-Spock relationship, Saldana said, “I think that’s going to be there. Every relationship in this movie will be tested on a very, very high scale. The great thing about this installment is that it’s not only Kirk and Spock and J.J.’s Spock and Uhura, his twist, it’s also Chekov and Scotty. It’s Sulu.

“So I’m really excited about this because now it’s an ensemble more than ever. Everybody’s relationship, all of their dynamics are tested. Spock and Uhura are going to be tested as well. To what extent? I don’t know. But I mean they made it in the show. They were old in the show. What more can I say without giving it away.

“You are seeing a very human side to each and every one of these characters that you are going to like a great deal. You get to know a little bit more about them, and it’s not just of Kirk and Spock, and a little bit of Uhura when it concerns Spock. You are going to see how they are going to be tested on a very personal level, because…I think in the first two movies we raised the bar so high that we can only go higher. I think that’s what the writer did with this one.”

Saldana was “very grateful” to return to Star Trek. “We [were] very happy and excited to be on the bridge. We count our lucky stars to know that, as actors, not only do we have a job, but we’re also going back to the same place where we get to work together. We also have an opportunity as individuals to make right or add whatever layer we wish we would have added to our characters in the installments before. Now we’re having that opportunity to get a second chance, a third chance.”

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