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Lin: Star Trek Is Special

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Even though he is working with the new Star Trek crew, Director Justin Lin is mindful of Star Trek‘s fifty year history.

“…It’s the Fiftieth anniversary coming up,” said Lin, “and I feel like it’s important to maybe try to deconstruct why Federation, Starfleet, and why Star Trek is special.

“And, hopefully, at the end of it we reaffirm why it’s been around that long. And hopefully we can help keep it going.”

In Star Trek Beyond, Lin wanted to “explore the five-year journey, and also to kind of explore all the relationships.” He “love[d] the old shows because of them just traveling and exploring new worlds. So that was one of the things I felt like [it] was important to have.”

The villain of the film is not a fan of the Federation, and Lin “wanted the character to have a very specific and valid philosophy and point of view. And I wanted to create something that would challenge,” he said, “and also in a very valid way, the philosophy of the Federation. And I think that’s what this character…My goal is to really have him do that. So far we’ve been having a lot of fun doing that.”

The film would “not exist without this character,” said Lin.

Since Star Trek Beyond is a movie, expect lots of action, but not at the expense of character development. “Action to me is no fun if it’s not built around character,” said Lin. “And that has to come from the very original impetus of why this movie exists. So far, I mean all the action pieces are set off of that incident and all how our characters react to it. So, for me it’s exciting because it’s organic. It’s not artificial. It’s not something that I do an action because people want to see action. It’s because this journey, whatever happens, whatever causes this to happen, whatever our characters do to try to counter it somehow organically creates that.”

Star Trek Beyond opens next month.

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