June 13 2024


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Saldana Featured In CNET Magazine

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Star Trek Beyond‘s Zoë Saldana was interviewed for the summer issues of CNET Magazine.

In this issue of CNET, Saldana “shares her thoughts with CNET about how she finds acting in sci-fi movies empowering, wishing she used technology more and dreaming of the day when she can travel by transporter.” The article is located here.

For Saldana, movies set in space mean more opportunities for women. “If I wasn’t doing these sci-fi movies,” she said, I would be at the mercy of filmmakers that would just look my way if they need a girlfriend or sexy woman of color in their movie,” she said. “Space is different, but we can still do better. We can give women more weight to carry on their roles.”

The sci-fi genre “allows you to experiment with other roles besides someone’s girlfriend, someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s victim,” said Saldana. “No matter how big or small your part may be, you feel much more relevant in space. You’re helping the whole crew save the day. You’re translating alien languages as opposed to being the one that encourages [someone else] to win the day.”

If Saldana could have one technology from the future, what would she want?” “Anything to reduce the time to travel,” she said. “I would be a test dummy once you can prove to me that if you energize me in New York I’m not gonna be like applesauce by the time I land in Paris. My body isn’t going to just combust.

” [You could] take your kids anywhere and you just go, ‘Oh, where are you? In New York? I’m in LA. You’re gonna go in an hour to the restaurant? All right, I’m gonna be there in half an hour.'”

Other topics in the summer issue of CNET include “a closer look at technology’s impact on travel by offering readers tips and advice on better, easier and more fun ways to get from point A to point B. CNET editors take a ride on electric scooters, skateboards and hovercrafts for commuters looking to speed up their daily grinds. For readers traveling overseas, CNET offers the best apps and tech tips for finding places to eat, what to see and how to speak the local language. And for readers looking for that ultimate speed rush, CNET takes a look at the hyperloop, Elon Musk‘s latest vision at upending transportation, that promises to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty-five minutes.”

Other highlights of the issue:

  • Technology Slam Dunk. How the Golden State Warriors leveraged technology to transform themselves to winners
  • Mythbusters‘ co-host Adam Savage on science
  • Quick Shot of Bourbon – New technologies to speed up bourbon production
  • Hack The Revolution. Mr. Robot‘s Carly Chaikin on her love/hate relationship with technology
  • You: Tackling insomnia, losing weight and finding a soul mate
  • Your Home: Smart fridges
  • Your Ride: Car navigation systems
  • Your Work: Why email is dead and why password protection is “so last century”

To subscribe to CNET, head to the link located here. Issues are also available on newsstands.

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