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Pegg: Accents, Bones and Jackets

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Simon Pegg gave a new interview in which he talked about his Scottish accent, a missing McCoy scene from Star Trek Beyond, and those cool blue uniform jackets.

People have complained about Pegg’s Scottish accent, but there’s a reason that his Scotty sounds like he’s from Glasgow. “I have a Scottish wife and all my in-laws are Scottish and they police my Scotty,” he said. “There’s a reason my Scotty sounds slightly Glaswegian and that’s because they’re all ‘Wegies.

“I like to think that my own Scottishness – that comes from my own Scottish family – gives me some credence in that department.”

Pegg also spoke about a McCoy scene that didn’t make the final cut. “There was a whole thread in the film which didn’t make the final cut about Bones picking up a gun and having a crisis of what it meant to fire a weapon,” said Pegg. “He is a life-saver and not a soldier. There was some really nice stuff which didn’t make the cut – which often happens – and [Karl Urban] was great with all that stuff. He’s a very funny and cool guy to be around.”

And what about those cool uniform jackets with the yellow stripes? Turns out that James T. Kirk’s father is the reason for their presence. “The escape pods are called Kelvin pods,” said Pegg. “In our timeline, they were installed because of what happened to Kirk’s father. They were installed after the Kelvin was destroyed so that senior crew would have a means of escape. When you go inside the pod, they have a little survival pack which contains a very natty survival suit, which looks great on Chris Pine.”

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