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Kirstie Alley At Las Vegas

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Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t the only Trek convention newbie at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention last weekend; Kirstie Alley also made her convention debut at the event.

The actress credited Nicholas Meyer with helping to launch her career. “You’re very fortunate in your life if you have someone who champions you, and he is probably the most significant champion of my career,” she said. “Before Star Trek II I had done nothing. I had faked my resume. He knew that I was brand new. He just kept auditioning me and in the final hour he gave me the role.”

Meyer was also supportive after Kirstie’s parents were in a serious car accident. “My mother was killed,” she said. “My father was injured badly and I flew back home and I called my agent and said ‘my parents have been in this car accident and I can’t leave my Dad until I know he’s ok, so you have to tell them I can’t come on Monday’. So he told them ‘she can’t come back until her father is out of intensive care,’ And Nick said, ‘Ok, we’ll wait for her’. It still makes me almost start crying.”

Alley got along well with the cast, in spite of not always being prepared with her lines. “…That whole cast was a well oiled machine,” she said. “They were all very professional…I wasn’t always prepared as I should be, because as much as I was grateful for getting a role in a movie, I was also a bit of an irresponsible twit. They always knew their lines perfectly, and sometimes I knew them and sometimes I didn’t.”

Why didn’t she return to Star Trek III? “I don’t know the answer to that,” she said. “I was offered the third one, but…it was a half-assed offer. It was ‘the character was going to be a lot bigger and she’s going to be a more important character in the movie and we’d like to pay her less than we did for the first one.’ It made me think they don’t want me in the third one.”

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