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Movie USS Enterprise Restoration Kickstarter

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A new project seeks to raise funds to recreate the USS Enterprise seen in the early Star Trek movies.

“Thanks to the personal involvement of Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols leading and inspiring the original Enterprise design team, with the support of Rod Roddenberry, Star Trek fans can be a part of something that will preserve Star Trek history and share that passion for the Trek universe – regardless of timeline – with something lasting and meaningful.

Star Trek is now without it’s most loved, revered, and recognized iconic movie symbol since Paramount sold off our damaged, resprayed, and mishandled original movie Enterprise, which has become the quintessential Enterprise in the minds and hearts of fans, into private hands in 2006. This is a cinematic catastrophe, and while we are still around to do it, we want to correct this ridiculous state of affairs by recreating our original Starship—only this time fifty percent larger and two-hundred percent more beautiful than our original using the most modern technology and materials to then travel the world forever for the delight of Star Trek fans everywhere. Not a digital phantom, but the real Enterprise by the people who created her in the first place. We guarantee she will knock your socks off when you see her. But as Nichelle says, first, we need your help, and we have some fabulous incentives and great premiums to offer you in exchange for your contribution at any level.

“Once out of space dock, this brand new Enterprise will go on tour around the world over and over again and forever to bring joy and satisfaction to Star Trek fans everywhere. This isn’t going to be a CGI representation or an intriguing work of digital wizardry but a real and solid and tangible Enterprise by the people who created her in the first place.

“The perks on offer are nothing short of extraordinary and should be considered every Star Trek fan’s dream come true. Rewards include rare collectibles from behind the scenes from Star Trek including Enterprise blueprints, signed show scripts, autographed books, collectible patches and other goodies that will light up the smiles of Trekkies brighter than dilithium crystals.

“For as little as $20, every fan can achieve Star Trek immortality by having their name projected on the Scroll of Honor sculpture designed by Richard Taylor, who designed the movie Enterprise, that will accompany the Enterprise on her dais wherever she appears. Fans can also choose to have their names fired from the Enterprise onto the scroll, have their names placed inside the Enterprise on a golden scroll, and receive a credit in the feature documentary of the rebuild. True immortality. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Phase Two fans and expires September 11, 2016.”

To read about the project and to donate, head to the link located here.

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