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The Next Generation’s Barbara Alyn Woods

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The Next Generation fans will remember Barbara Alyn Woods as Kareen Brianon, the personal assistant to Dr. Graves in The Schizoid Man episode, which aired in the second season of the show.

The role of Brianon was her first job in Hollywood. “Star Trek holds a special place in my heart because it was my first professional gig in Los Angeles,” said Woods. “To make it even more memorable, the series was shot on the Paramount lot, a studio I had visited and dreamed of working.”

Actors on The Next Generation were supportive to the newcomer, especially Brent Spiner. “I have such vivid and fond memories of Brent Spiner,” said Woods. “He knew I was relatively ‘new’ and was very nurturing, an extremely giving actor.

“The entire cast and crew were so welcoming. It was such a phenomenal ‘first’ experience. I remember Brent explaining to me on set that the fans I accumulate on this episode will be my fans for life.”

One of the challenges of auditioning for her part was conjuring up emotion when it was required. “I remember my audition sides to this day, which included a lot of crying,” said Woods. “Sometimes it’s easy to work up those tears the first time, maybe the second time. But when you’re called back several times for the same role, it becomes a little more challenging to muster up those emotions. But for some reason, this role touched me so deeply that the tears just kept flowing. The casting director gave me the good news while I was still in her office. Landing my first job in Hollywood is a feeling I will never forget.”

And Woods is “so honored to be even a very small part of the Star Trek franchise. It continues to amaze me how interested and devoted the Trek fans are,” she said, “and I feel so grateful that they have always followed my career and have been so supportive. Thank you Star Trek, for beginning my career. I will always hold my Star Trek memories close to my heart.”

Woods is still acting, and her three grown daughters are also actresses.

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