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Deep Space Nine Documentary: Original Film Negatives And Mr. F

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The team creating the What We Left Behind: A Look Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary are hoping to get their hands on the original Deep Space Nine film negatives so that they can rescan them to hi-def for the documentary.

We’ve really expanded the scope of the project – the length of the time will expand [from sixty to ninety minutes] – but it also allows us to acquire more clips from CBS from the original episodes,” said Adam Nimoy; “and we are now in discussion with CBS about trying to get to the original negatives, to rescan them to give high-definition resolution to our film so that Deep Space Nine can be seen in high def for the first time.

CBS is open to discussion – it’s expensive, it’s complicated, there’s a lot of logistics involved – but now that we have the financial backing to pursue this, we’re really determined to make it happen.”

“For many, many years – and decades, it seems – I’ve talked to people about getting DS9 in HD…discussing ways to make it happen,” said Ira Steven Behr. “It’s not what I set out to do with the doc. It would be an offshoot of it. If it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to feel like, ‘Oh, damn, that was a level of success we did not reach.’

“It’s a total offshoot – has to do with money [and] other things – it’s not so much a matter of the series itself, it’s just the technology of how the film was shot and how the special effects were shot back then, and the changeover. It would be nice.

“Just imagine: if we do get a chance to do the clips – I’m not talking about the series – the clips for the doc, in high def. That would be…extremely cool. Plus, it would give the fans another decade of dreaming what the whole series would look like! It would be that little taste, a lovely little taste – that first injection that leads to so many others.”

The campaign for the Deep Space Nine documentary is still in the fundraising stage, with ten days left in the campaign. They are not far from their second stretch goal of $425,000. If you want to help them to make that goal, head to the link located here.

Meanwhile, a familiar person meets with Behr to donate to the documentary. Can you guess who this is?

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