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Mulgrew: Sorry Guys, No Sex!

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Star Trek: Voyager‘s Kate Mulgrew attended last weekend’s Denver Comic Con, where she spoke about being the first woman to captain a Star Trek starship.

One of the things Mulgrew refused to do was to have Janeway get into a relationship on the show and have sex, especially with Chakotay. This led, in her opinion, to the hiring of Jeri Ryan. “That moment stands out for me when Jeri Ryan arrived,” she said. “That was an interesting moment because – there’s been a lot of controversy about it generated by me – again unfortunate. When you’re the first female captain you hope against hope that that’s going to be sufficient until the day it wasn’t. Because men like – as they should, as all of you should and I love and adore every one of you – they love sex. And they need it. And I said ‘No’ to all of that going in.

“I said I’m not going to sleep with Chakotay; it’s not going to happen…lending a whole new meaning to the ‘ready room.’ I said you’re just going to have to go somewhere else for it, so they got this very beautiful girl to come in. She played a wonderful character. And yes, I was unsettled by it because I had hoped – as I’m sure Hillary Clinton hoped. We all hope. Hope springs eternal that we can do it by ourselves but we still need sex. So that one stands out.”

In her full panel, seen below courtesy of Denver Comic Con, Mulgrew also talks about being the first female captain, Janeway and science, holodeck character Leonardo da Vinci, her favorite episode and life on the Voyager set including plenty of practical jokes and attempts to trip up Mulgrew.

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