May 21 2024


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Shatner Narrates History of NASA’s Langley Research Center

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William Shatner has narrated a new forty-five minute documentary featuring NASA’s Langley Research Center, which is celebrating its one hundredth year.

Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory was born in 1917, just months after the United States entered World War I. Langley created many aircraft technologies that we take for granted today, according to a NASA release: propellers, metal airplanes, wing tips, glass cockpits and even faster-than-sound flight. The agency’s contributions continued during World War II, particularly with the development of what was at the time the state-of-the-art P-51 Mustang fighter-bomber.”

Other achievements included the X-1 aircraft, which was flown by Chuck Yeager in 1947 when he broke the sound barrier, the X-15 rocket plane, determining the landing site for Neil Armstrong‘s walk on the moon, work on the space shuttle and much more.

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