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November 2017 IDW Publishing Star Trek Comics

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The IDW Publishing comics for November have been announced and three Trek comics are included.

The Trek comics include: Star Trek: Boldly Go #14, Star Trek: Discovery #2, and Star Trek: New Adventures #4.

In Star Trek: Boldly Go #14, the second of six parts of I.D.I.C. continues. “Kirks, Spocks and crews from multiple parallel universes collide” in this issue. “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations spells infinite danger to all!”

Written by Mike Johnson, Boldly Go #14 features art by Megan Levens, and covers by Tony Shasteen, Piotr Kowalski, and Yoshi Yoshitani. The thirty-two page issue will sell for $3.99.

Star Trek: Discovery #2 continues the “Star Trek event of 2017, with this exclusive tie-in comic to the blockbuster new television series! Secrets are revealed that will change the course of the galaxy forever!”

Written by Mike Johnson, and Kirsten Beyer, and featuring art by Tony Shasteen, and covers by Shasteen, Declan Shalvey, and Aaron Harvey. The thirty-two page issue will sell for $3.99.

Star Trek: New Adventures #4 follows “the events of Star Trek Into Darkness. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a new five-year mission of discovery, but is interrupted by a visit from the classic character Q, who challenges this timeline’s Captain Kirk to solve a classic no-win situation… if he can, in The Q Gambit. In Behemoth, the crew comes upon a damaged alien vessel of unknown origin. Discovering the injured pilot inside, they learn of a new threat of unprecedented power. In Eurydice, the Enterprise finds itself adrift, farther from Earth than any other starship has ever traveled. And, in The Tholian Webs the ship becomes trapped in interphase, a dangerous condition of space within which the ship’s structural integrity – and the crew’s sanity – are at risk. Collects issues #35-47.”

Star Trek: New Adventures #4 was written by Mike Johnson, and features art by Tony Shasteen and Rachael Stott. The cover art was done by Shasteen. The issue runs two-hundred-and-ninety-two pages in length and will cost $29.99.

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